Cambridge Mass. Trunking System Radio IDs

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

Known Unit ID Numbers on City of Cambridge, Mass System

Blank Unit IDs have been recorded, but not identified.

Unit ID Unit Name
i17514 FD HQ
i17516 Cambridge Hospital
i21002 FD C2
i21003 FD C3
i21004 FD C1
i21008 FD C8
i21012 FD C12
i21013 FD C13
i21015 FD C15
i21017 FD C17
i21018 FD C18
i21020 FD C20
i21021 Tech Services ?
i21023 FD M3
i21024 FD M4
i21033 FD K3
i21043 FD K20
i21045 FD K10
i21047 Tech Services ?
i21110 FD Division 1 Portable
i21111 FD Division 100
i21112 FD Division 2 Portable
i21113 FD Division 200
i21114 Engine 100
i21115 Engine 101
i21116 Engine 102
i21117 Engine 200
i21118 Engine 201
i21119 Engine 202
i21120 Engine 300
i21121 Engine 301
i21122 Engine 302
i21123 Engine 400
i21124 Engine 401
i21125 Engine 402
i21126 Engine 500
i21127 Engine 501
i21128 Engine 502
i21129 Engine 600
i21130 Engine 601
i21131 Engine 602
i21132 Engine 800
i21133 Engine 801
i21134 Engine 802
i21135 Engine 900
i21136 Engine 901
i21137 Engine 902
i21138 Ladder 100
i21139 Ladder 101
i21140 Ladder 102
i21141 Ladder 200
i21142 Ladder 201
i21143 Ladder 202
i21144 Ladder 300
i21145 Ladder 301
i21146 Ladder 302
i21147 Ladder 400
i21148 Ladder 401
i21149 Ladder 402
i21150 Rescue 100
i21151 Rescue 101
i21152 Rescue 102
i21153 Rescue 103
i21154 Squad 200
i21155 Squad 201
i21156 Squad 400
i21157 Squad 401
i21158 Engine 1 Mobile
i21159 Engine 2 Mobile
i21160 Engine 3 Mobile
i21161 Engine 4 Mobile
i21162 Engine 5 Mobile
i21163 Engine 6 Mobile
i21164 Engine 8 Mobile
i21165 Engine 9 Mobile
i21166 Engine 10 Mobile
i21167 Engine 11 Mobile
i21168 Ladder 1 Mobile
i21169 Ladder 2 Mobile
i21170 Ladder 3 Mobile
i21171 Ladder 4 Mobile
i21172 Ladder 5 Mobile
i21173 Rescue 1 Mobile
i21174 Squad 2 Mobile
i21176 Squad 4 Mobile
i21178 Fire M3
i21181 FD Division 1 Mobile
i21182 FD Division 2 Mobile
i23312 Police Control
i23313 Police Control
i23319 Fire Alarm
i23320 Fire Alarm
i65520 Patch

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