Camp McCain Training Center (Army National Guard) Grenada County (MS)

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Camp McCain Training Center

MS Army National Guard

Camp McCain, is a Mississippi National Guard training site that covers 13,000 acres. Training at the facility includes tank maneuvers, artillery training and general training for National Guard troops.

Radio Comunications

  • Most field training radio communications are on the VHF lowband (25-76 MHz)
    • Field radio frequencies are usually changed every 24 hours
    • Support for field operations stay on the same Frequencies (ie: Range Control, Medevac)
    • Newer military field radio equipment may operate on other bands (ie: squad radios)
  • Post Support Operations use the VHF lowband.

Units at Camp McCain

  • Training Site HQ
  • Det 2 STARC (State Area Command)
  • Det 7 STARC (State Area Command)
  • CO C 2/20TH Special Forces Group
  • DET 2 CO B 106TH Support BN (FWD)

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