Carroll County (IL)

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Municipalities and Districts


  • Asaay? Farms 152.3 Base/Mobile (11K at Mount Carmel) WQBH853
  • Balk Grain and Trucking 152.915 Base/Mobile (Thomson) WNDF391
  • Cal??? Farms WQPU492
  • Fink Farms 154.49 Base/Mobile (Chadwick) KOG407
  • Miller Farms 150.935 Mobiles (Milledgeville) 11/12 FCC App 0005479035
  • Nesemyer Farms 159.615 Base/Mobile (at Lanark) WPKJ567
  • Woessner Farms 152.465 Base/Mobile (Milledgeville) KNAV204

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