Carson City (NV)

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Carson City (NV) Fire/E.M.S.

  • Carson City F.D. (WPDS870) -
    • Sta. #51 (HQ) -
      • Current Sta. - 777 S. Stewart St. across from E. 8th St.
      • Former Sta. - 200-202 N. Carson St. (aka Business US-395) @ W. Musser St. (The Former Sta. technically sits on the northeast corner of W. Musser St. & N. Curry St.)
    • Sta. #52 - 2400 E. College Pkwy. (aka State Route 531) between Sierra Nevada Ln. & Silver Ln. (The Training Grounds are located here)
    • Sta. #53 - 4649 Snyder Ave. (aka State Route 518) between Oak St. & E. Appion Way

Brevity Codes


10-01 Reception Poor
10-02 Reception Good
10-04 Acknowledged
10-05 Relay or Meet
10-06 Traffic Stop
10-07 Out of Service
10-08 In Service
10-09 Repeat
10-10 Fight in Progress
10-12 Stand by
10-13 Advise of Weather Conditions
10-16 Fight-Domestic Disturbance
10-18 Complete assignment quickly
10-19 Return To
10-20 Location
10-21 Call on Telephone
10-22 Disregard/Nevermind
10-23 On Scene
10-24 Leaving Scene (mission complete)
10-26 Criminal History Check
10-27 Drivers License check
10-28 Registration Check
10-29 Wants/Warrents Check
10-30 Illegal use of Radio
10-32 Person with a Gun
10-36 Time
10-38 Suspicious vehicle/circumstances
10-41 Coming On Duty
10-42 Going Off Duty
10-43 Information
10-45 Dead or Injured Animal
10-46 Disabled Vehicle/Motorist Assist
10-47 Abandonded Vehicle
10-48 Traffic Device needs repair
10-50 Accident
10-50F Fatality
10-50H Hit and Run
10-50I Person(s) injured
10-50P Property Damage
10-50U Unknown injuries
10-51 Tow Truck Request
10-52 Ambulance Request
10-54 Livestock on Roadway
10-55 Drunk Driver usually ATL
10-56 Drunk Pedestrian usually ATL
10-58 Direct Traffic
10-59 Convoy/Escort
10-60 Check Point Operation
10-61 Vehicle Weighing Operations
10-62 Vehicle Inspection
10-63 Terminal Inspection
10-69 Haz Mat Involved
10-70 Fire
10-76 Enroute
10-77 ETA
10-78 Need Assistance
10-79 Notify Coroner
10-88 Need Phone Number of�
10-95 Radio Check
10-96 Mental Subject
10-98 Jail/Prison Disturbance
10-99 Stolen Vehicle Codes returned on 10-26/10-29 from SCOPE
11-10F Felony Want
11-10M Misdemeanor Want
11-10C Use Caution (history of Convictions)
11-33 Officer in Danger-Send Help!

Often when the 10-26 comes back with an 11-10(F)rank the channel will go "Code Red". The Code Red marker will beep every few seconds. Only Officers involved in the felony stop are to use the radio during a Code Red.

Other Codes

CODE 1 At Your Convienence
CODE 2 Expedite-obey all laws
CODE 3 Emergency (Lights & Siren)
CODE 4 Everything OK
CODE 5 Combative/uncooperative prisoner
CODE 7 Lunch Break
CODE 8 Surveillance
J-1 Transporting personnel
J-1X Transporting personnel of opposite sex
J-2 Transporting Property
J-3 Transporting Prisoner
J-3X Transporting Prisoner of opposite sex
J-4 Transporting paperwork (often exchanges will be arranged by dispatcher on the radio for transfer)

Action Codes

Other codes used to describe action taken to dispatcher:

AC Accident Report
AO Other Agency Assist
AS Assist-Our Agency
CC Comercial Citation
CI Citation Issued
GA Gone on Arrival
LC License Citation
MA Motorist Assist
NA No Action Taken
OA Other Agency Incident
RC Registration Citation
SC Speeding Citation
SS Settled at Scene
UL Unable to Locate
VW Verbal Warning

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