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Whistler WS1010 Handheld Scanner

The WS1010 is manufactured by The Whistler Group. The WS1010 is operationally the same as the former GRE PSR-100 and very similar in operation to the current WS1025 and former GRE PSR-200 desktop models and uses the same software and cables.

General Specifications

  • Bands Received
    • 29–54 MHz VHF Lo
    • 108–136.99166 MHz Aircraft
    • 137–174 MHz VHF Hi
    • 380–512 UHF Bands
  • 200 Channels with 10 channel-storage banks
  • Conventional scanner (VHF, UHF)
  • Scan rate 40cps, Searh rate 75cps
  • Spectrum Sweeper (with 10 autostore channels)
  • Triple-Conversion Circuitry
  • Weather Search
  • Weather Alert Indicator
  • 1 programmable Skywarn channel
  • Two Second Scan Delay
  • Lock Out Function
  • 200 Search Lockouts
  • 1 Priority Channels
  • 5 one touch service search banks
  • Hypersearch/scan
  • Direct Tune
  • Key Lock
  • Manual Access
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Display Backlight
  • Key Backlight
  • BNC Antenna connector
  • Memory Backup
  • Computer interface and Programming with computer control
  • Key tones (for correct entry or different tones for errors)
  • Battery Save ( a mode to preserve power if no signal appears for 5 seconds)
  • 4 AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries

Supporting Software

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