Certificate of need (CON)

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A Certificate of Need (CON) is a legal document required in many states, and some federal jurisdictions, before proposed acquisitions, expansions, or creations of healthcare facilities/Medical transportation are allowed. CON's are issued by a federal or state regulatory agency with authority over an area to affirm that the plan is required to fulfill the needs of a community. CON's are necessary for the construction of any medical/healthcare facility in 36 of the 50 states and are issued by the state health department. CON's are also needed for medical transportation, such as Fire-Rescue and Ambulance services, and state that a particular area has a need for a medical unit to be staffed in that area and a CON allows that unit to transport medical patients and provide medical care to a citizen. Also a medical unit cannot go code-3 (lights and sirens) without an active CON for the area they are in.