Cherokee County (AL)

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Cherokee County, Alabama - Radio Log Numbers

CE Units - Cherokee County Sheriff's Department. CE + Number = Sheriff & Deputy Sheriffs.

CO Units - Cherokee County Sheriff's Department. CO + Number = Corrections Officers.

CR Units - Cherokee County Sheriff's Department. CR + Number = Reserve Deputies.

100 Units - Centre Police Department. 1xx = Centre Police Officers.

200 Units - Cedar Bluff Police Department. 2xx = Cedar Bluff Police Officers.

300 Units - Leesburg Police Department. 3xx = Leesburg Police Officers.

700 Units - Cherokee County Law Enforcement. 7xx = City/County Investigators/Detectives.

800 Units - Cherokee County Law Enforcement. 8xx = City/County Drug Enforcement/Narcotics Unit?
Note: 800 Units have not been heard in a while, they may now be using 700 Unit ID's.

AC Units - Cherokee County Animal Control. AC + Number = Animal Control Officers.

7800 Units - Cherokee County Coroner. 78xx = Coroner & Deputy Coroners.

RS - Cherokee County Rescue Squad. RS + Number = Rescue Squad Members.

Medic - Cherokee County E.M.S. Medic + Number = E.M.S. Medics and Drivers.

Ambulances - Cherokee County E.M.S. Ambulance (A) + Number = E.M.S. Ambulances.

EMA - Cherokee County E.M.A. EMA + Number = E.M.A. Members/Staff.

Cherokee10 / Cherokee11 / Cherokee12 - Alabama State Forestry Commission.

F300? Units - Alabama State Troopers. Fxx/F3xx = (ALEA) Alabama State Troopers. (Cherokee County)

?? Units - Alabama State Marine Police. Radio Id Numbers Not Confirmed Yet.

NPS Units - Little River Canyon National Park/Preserve. NPS + Number = Park Rangers/Law Enforcement.

2200 Units - Alabama State Department of Natural Resources. 22xx = Game Warden/Law Enforcement.

Cherokee County, Alabama Fire Departments

Twelve Volunteer Fire Departments are Dispatched by Cherokee County Central Dispatch (E911).
All Fire Departments are named after the City/Town or Community they are in.
All Fire Fighters in these departments are called by the City/Town they serve and a number.
EXP. Cedar Bluff 1 = Cedar Bluff's Fire Chief.
All City/County Fire Fighters are Volunteers.


Broomtown-Rinehart, Cedar Bluff, Centre, Ellisville, Gaylesville, Leesburg, McCord’s Crossroads,
Mount Weisner, Sand Rock, Spring Creek, Spring Garden, and Tuckers Chapel Fire Departments.

Cherokee County, Alabama - Radio/Scanner Info

All Cherokee County Law Enforcement Officers are using VHF Digital Mobile Radios. (DMR)
Some Law Enforcement Officers have (P25) 700/800 MHz Digital Radios.
Law Enforcement Dispatch is being patched Via VHF to the (P25) 700/800 Digital Radio System.
Most Departments now have (P25)700/800 MHz Digital Radios but some Departments are either
still using VHF/UHF Analog or are being patched to the (P25) 700/800 MHz Radio System.
Fire & EMS Dispatch is also being patched Via VHF or UHF to the (P25) 700/800 MHz Radio System.