Chesapeake (VA) TRS Station IDs

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Chesapeake Police Unit ID's

India units (800 series)- Investigators, Detectives

Kilo units (740's)- K9 unit

Sierra Romeo (x80's) - School Resource Officers

Tango units (710-720)- Traffic enforcement

Traffic Supervisors- 700-704

Alpha units - 780's Animal Control

Patrol officers are separated by 3 suffixes, Delta, Echo, Mike

Delta xxx- Days shift

Echo xxx- Evening shift

Mike xxx- Midnight shift

East Units- 1st Precinct (Great Bridge- 100's), 2nd Precinct (South Norfolk- 200's), and 5th Precinct (Greenbrier- 500's).

West Units- 3rd Precinct (Deep Creek- 300's) and 4th Precinct (Western Branch- 400's).