City of Catanduva (SP)

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EMS in Catanduva is provided (like most cities in Brazil) mainly by SAMU (Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência - Mobile Emergency Care Service) with funds from the Unified Public Health System. Fire ambulances are also used in some medical emergencies.
The use of radio calls are constant between ambulance and the medical regulation. Before a person is transported to a health care facility, the ambulance will pass all medical information to a doctor stationed at the Medical Regulation by radio and then he or she will make the decision to which health facility or hospital to send the patient to depending on the severity of the case. Fire ambulances will also follow this procedure using the SAMU radio system.

SAMU team Catanduva Region 3

- Serviço Móvel de Urgência (SAMU 192)

Installed in 2020, the new radio system in use is a DMR system. Timeslot 1 is used for voice and Timeslot 2 is used for GPS data from the ambulances.

SAMU Catanduva Frequency TG1 TG2
DMR unencrypted 170.881 Voice GPS Data

Public Safety

Catanduva's Guarda Civil Municipal unit 2

- Guarda Civil Municipal

Installed in 2020, the brand new radio system in Catanduva uses an unencrypted DMR system. So far only Timeslot 1 (voice) is in use. The system consists of a dispatcher station located at the Guarda Civil headquarters and used for cooperation between units and supervisors.

Guarda Civil Municipal Catanduva Frequency TG1 TG2
DMR unencrypted 170.256 Voice Not Used

- Polícia Militar

The old VHF analog system for the Polícia Militar in Catanduva was decommissioned in 2014 following the modernization of São Paulo Military Police and replaced by the new p25 encrypted system and it remains with the big E to the present day.

Polícia Militar Catanduva 30ºBPMI Frequency
P25 Phase1 Encrypted 172.668

- Corpo de Bombeiros

Fire radio chatter (for medical emergencies the fire ambulance will use SAMU radio network) It's been a while since I listed to this frequency, they may have migrated to digital.

Corpo de Bombeiros (Fire) Frequency
Analog 171.350

- Polícia Civil

Although they use a similar system to the Polícia Militar (Military Police), the Civil Police rarely uses their radios, instead using other types of communication like cellphones, so I was never able to find the right frequency. In any case, their radio system has been encrypted for a long time, even before the Polícia Militar made the transition.

Public Services


- SAEC (Municipal water services)

SAEC Frequency
DMR 173.456

- Triângulo do Sol (Highway maintenance and emergency)

Triângulo do Sol Frequency
DMR 469.900



- Garden Catanduva Shopping Mall

Security guards and mall administration chatter

Garden Catanduva Shopping Frequency
Analog 159.720

- Sugarcane mills

Catanduva has a lot of sugarcane mills in the region. Here I'll list some of the frequencies that I identified:

150,020 / 152,670

159,110 / 161,020

162,210 / 162,330

163,050 / 163,340

163,370 / 163,470

163,530 / 163,708

163,780 / 165,607

- Trains

Trains Frequency
Analog 158.530


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