City of Kenosha (WI) Fire Department

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The Kenosha Fire department provides Fire and EMS to the city of Kenosha. It is a full time department with 156 members.

Apparatus Info

  • Station 1: 625 52nd St - Administrative Offices, Fire Prevention Bureau, EMS - MERV1, MERV2
  • Station 2: 8530 30th Ave - E2, M2
  • Station 3: 2121 Roosevelt Rd - E3, M3, T3, R33 (R33 staffed by T3)
  • Station 4: 4810 60th St - Maintenance Division, Training Division - E4, M4, T4, R44 (R44 staffed by T4), E44, Training Eng
  • Station 5: 2125 Washington Rd - E5, M5, E55
  • Station 6: 2615 14th Place - E6, Fire Safety House
  • Station 7: 9700 52nd St - M7, T7, P-19

Fire Tone Out ID'S

Each tone is 2 pieces long. Each station has an individial tone, and stations 1-6 have a universal tone. So if there is a Fire alarm, the Universal tone will be toned out, as well as station 7's tone out. Tone out ID'S coming soon!