Colorado Incidents and Breaking News Abbreviations & Codes

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Colorado Incidents and Breaking News

Abbreviations & Codes

AIB Accident Investigation Bureau

ALS Advanced Life Support

ART Accident Reconstruction Team

ATT At This Time

B/C Batt Chief

Black Dead

BLS Basic Life Support

C&B Conscious and Breathing

C/G Chopper Go

CCIC Colorado Crime Information Center

CCT Flight For Life’s Critical Care Transport

CHI Closed Head Injury

Core=0 Cardiac Arrest, No Breathing, and No Pulse

CPMC Colorado Plains Medical Center

CVA Cerebrovascular Accident

DOA Dead on Arrival

E/R Enroute

EDP Emotionally Disturbed Person

EMCH East Morgan County Hospital

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

ETOH Alcohol

F/I Fully Involved

FFL Flight for Life

FF's Fire Fighters

FX Fractured

GOA Gone on Arrival

Green Minor injuries, walking wounded

IMT Incident Management Team

K/D Knocked

L/G Life Guard

L/U/D Last Update

LDH Large Diameter Hose

LODD Line of Duty Death

LZ Landing Zone

M/A Mutual Aid

M/C Mass Causality

M/C Motor Cycle

MCI Mass Causality Incident

MCR Medical Center of the Rockies

MFD Multi Family Dwelling

MM Mile Marker

NCIC National Crime Information Center

NFI No Further Info

NMMC North Colorado Medical Center

NSPC National Storm Prediction Center

O/F Operating Freq

O/S On Scene

PIO Public Information Officer

PT Patient

PVH Poudre Valley Health System,

R/O Roll Over

Red Critical, Life threatening

RSI Rapid Sequence Incubation

RX Prescription Fire

S/F Structure Fire

SAC St Anthony’s Central

SACC St. Anthony Communication Center

SB Subject

SBI Serious Body Injury

SEAT Single Engine Air Tankers

SFD Single Family Dwelling

SJRMC San Juan Regional Medical Center

SRMC Sterling Regional Medical Center

T/A Traffic Accident

TMH The Memorial Hospital

Tx'd Transported

U/C Under Control

U/D Update

UTL Unable to Locate

Y/O Year Old

Yellow Serious, but not life threatening

YOF Year Old Female

YOM Year Old Male

YVMC Yampa Valley Medical Center