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United States Air Force

General Information

Columbus Air Force Base (CBM) is located approximately 9 miles north of Columbus, Mississippi, and was established in 1941 as Air Corps Advanced Flying School, Columbus, Mississippi.

The host unit at Columbus is the 14th Flying Training Wing (14 FTW) assigned to the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). The 14 FTW's mission is to provide specialized undergraduate pilot training for U.S. Air Force and allied officers.

Columbus AFB has been training Air Force pilots since World War II, and that mission continues today. The base closed after the war and remained inactive until 1951 when it was reopened as a contract flying school to train pilots during the Korean War. Four years later, the base was transferred from Air Training Command to Strategic Air Command. Columbus became home to a SAC strategic wing with a KC-135 Stratotanker squadron and a B-52 Stratofortress squadron in the late 1950s. This wing was later redesignated a bombardment wing in the 1960s. In 1969, the SAC bomber mission at Columbus was inactivated and the base transferred back to the then Air Training Command as an Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) base. Columbus AFB then resumed the mission for which it originally activated, training pilots, and has continued to do so for the past 40 years.

About half the pilots in the Air Force today went through basic and primary flight training at Columbus AFB.

14th Flying Training Wing

  • 14th Operations Group (14 OG)
    • 37th Flying Training Squadron (37 FTS) T-6 Texan II "Bengal Tigers"
    • 41st Flying Training Squadron (41 FTS) T-6 Texan II "Flying Buzzsaws"
    • 43d Flying Training Squadron (43 FTS) T-6 Texan II, T-1 Jayhawk, and T-38 Talon
    • 48th Flying Training Squadron (48 FTS) T-1 Jayhawk "Alley Cats"
    • 49th Fighter Training Squadron (49 FTS)T-38 Talon "Black Knights"
    • 50th Flying Training Squadron (50 FTS) T-38 Talon "Strikn' Snakes
    • 14th Operations Support Squadron (14 OSS)
    • 14th Student Squadron (14 STUS)
  • 14th Mission Support Group (14 MSG)
    • 14th Civil Engineering Squadron (14 CES)
    • 14th Communications Squadron (14 CS)
    • 14th Contracting Squadron (14 CONS)
    • 14th Logistics Readiness Squadron (14 LRS)
    • 14th Security Forces Squadron (14 SFS)
    • 14th Mission Support Squadron (14 MSS)
  • 14th Medical Group (14 MDG)

Additionally, the 14th Comptroller Squadron (14 CPTS) reports directly to the 14 TFW.

Radio Communications

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

All land mobile radio communications uses site 1-13 of this system.

Little information about this site is available. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!!

United States Air Force (3D6)

013 (D) Columbus Air Force Base406.362500 406.562500 406.762500 406.962500a 407.962500a 408.762500a 410.362500c

United States Air Force (3D6) Unknown Talkgroups by Site

Aircraft Operations

Comm Card

Common Frequencies/Local Channels (as of September, 2013)
Preset UHF Facility VHF Mode Notes
01 275.800 CBM Ground 12.900 AM
02 374.100 Sunfish 143.000 AM
03 379.925 CBM Tower 126.650 AM
04 291.650 CBM Departure 132.050 AM
05 279.550 West MOA Control 128.500 AM
06 275.400 West MOA Monitor 134.400 AM
07 239.250 North MOA Control 126.075 AM
08 282.200 North MOA Monitor AM
09 273.550 Pickwick MOA Control 135.900 AM
10 343.625 Pickwick MOA Monitor 136.175 AM
11 294.700 High Shuttle Control 134.775 AM
12 252.100 Columbus SOF 140.970 AM
13 317.900 LIVEOAK AM
14 323.275 RAPCON 135.600 AM
15 307.175 SFA AM
16 307.800 CBM Approach 133.250 AM
17 320.400 ECHO MOA Monitor 120.800 AM
18 273.500 CBM ATIS 115.200 AM
19 269.550 Clearance/Delivery 126.250 AM
20 293.400 Jayhawk Ops 141.700 AM

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