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Welcome to the Arizona common/shared frequencies.

Arizona Interagency Radio System (AIRS)

Arizona Interagency Radio System (AIRS)

Interagency Law Enforcement National Calling Channels Interoperability Frequencies

The "V-Tac" and "U-Tac" frequencies are new nationwide VHF and UHF interoperability channels to join the existing 800MHz I-Tacs. They are narrowband only and interoperability is the primary use for these channels. They specifically are not to be used for communications internal to one agency but rather for multiple agencies, be they neighboring towns or from different parts of the country to talk to each other even if they don't have any other common channels. Agencies make contact on the calling frequency and then switch to a "Tac" channel to communicate. Many of the VHF and UHF channels are already licensed and in use by agencies in Massachusetts. Click on the Frequency to see the current licensees. Prior to Jan. 1, 2005, interoperability on these channels will be secondary to incumbents. After Jan. 1, 2005, the situation reverses, and the incumbents become secondary to interoperability use. Individual licenses are still required for fixed base-station operation on these channels. Mobile operation is permitted on these channels on a blanket basis, without an individual license similar to the 800 MHz interoperability channels.

Department Chan Frequency Tone Callsign Usage Notes
Output Input
VHF National CallingLE A167.0875(Simplex)167.9-Interagency - Initial ContactVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 1167.0875162.0875167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 2167.2500162.2625167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 3167.7500162.8375167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 4168.1125163.2875167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 5168.4625163.4250167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 6167.2500(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 7167.7500(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 8168.1125(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
VHF Operational ChannelLE 9168.4625(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyVHF Plan
UHF National CallingLE B414.0375(Simplex)167.9-Interagency - Initial ContactUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 10409.9875418.9875167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 11410.1875419.1875167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 12410.6125419.6125167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 13414.0625(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 14414.3125(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 15414.3375(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 16409.9875(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 17410.1875(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan
UHF Operational ChannelLE 18410.6125(Simplex)167.9-InteragencyUHF Plan