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Installing the USB driver

  • Note: Even though these instructions specifically use the uniden drivers, the same procedures will likely work with other drivers
  1. Download and unzip uniden_usbser.
  2. Plug in the scanner using a USB cable.
  3. Right click on the Windows Launch icon (bottom left corner) and select "Device Manager."
  4. The device shows up with a yellow triangle.
  5. Right click on device and select "Update Driver Software."
  6. Select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software."
  7. Navigate to the folder where you have unzipped the above driver.
  8. The driver installed is assigned as: Uniden Serial Port (COMx)
    1. (x) will be replaced with the actual port number.

Set up the scanner

  • Select the scanner from this table. It leads to a section in the Easier to Read guides. These items are found in the Settings menu
Analog Trunkers Digital Trunkers
SC230/USC230 BCD396T/UBCD396T
BC246 BCD996T/UBCD996T
BC346XT BCD325P2

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