Correcting the Garbled Audio when Trunking with the BCT8

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  1. Remove power from the scanner. Remove the 4 phillips head screws that are found on the sides of the bottom cover.
  2. Carefully pull off the bottom might be tight and there are wires to the speaker that you need to be aware take it easy..
  3. Locate a small tuneable coil that is close to the center of the circuit board. It is silver in color and about 1/4" square. Examine the top and you will see the 'slug' with a small screwdriver slot in it. For 'insurance' purposes, mark the exact location of the slot...just in case you need to reposition it if you screw up.
  4. At this point you might want to position the scanner so that you can re-attach the power cord and be able to put the bottom cover back to the point where it might be close to its original position. You might find that when you do this, the scanner will work as when might not. This step is just a bit of 'experimenting' and might give you an idea as to how far out of alignment it is.
  5. With a small screwdriver, turn the slug in the coil 'Clockwise' a very small amount ! Attach the power cord again ...and give it a try. You should hear a big improvement...this might depend on how far out of adjustment it was. You may want to give that slug another slight tweak...or not. The 2mm movement that was mentioned in the preceeding post is a good guide.
  6. Before reattaching the bottom cover, let it warm up for a half hour...listen to the audio...bask in your new success, give a big THANKS to Homer545...then remove power, replace the bottom...and SCAN AWAY!!