Cowlitz County (WA)

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County Dispatch


Code 1 – Routine Response (No Lights, No Siren)
Code 2 – Urgent Response (Lights, No Siren)
Code 3 – Emergency Response (Lights, Siren)
Code 4 – Narcotics 
Code 9 – Weapons 
Code 12 – Status Ok
Code 13 – Status Ok, No Further Checks Needed
Code 21x – Warrants
 X-Frank- Felony Warrant
 X-Mary – Misdemeanor Warrant
Code 22 – Mental Health Issues
Code 25 – Suspended Driving Status
Code 26 – Intoxicated Subject
Code 54 – Death 
Code RED – Restricted Radio Traffic

Disposition Codes

Disposition Codes are also part of the CAD system. It is a numbered system 1-10, 
which the CAD already has programmed as to how the call was handled. As Follows:
1- Arrest/Citation Issued
2- Civil Issue
3- Report will be Filed
4- UTL/GOA (Unable to Locate/Gone on Arrival)
5- Turned Over To Another Agency
6- Field Contact Logged No Report Filed
7- Unfounded 
8- Informational
9- Settled by Contact
10- Cancelled Call


10-23 – Meet At (Still Commonly Used)
10-24 – Opposite Sex in Vehicle (Starting Mileage logged/ending
        Mileage Logged at end of transport) (Still Used)

Other Lingo

“Stopping” – This term replaced 10-71 for routine Traffic Stop
“Wants/Drivers” – This Term Replaced 10-84/10-85 for Records and Drivers Check
WPZR413: This is the FCC License Call Sign assigned to all Cowlitz County Fire/EMS & 
Law Enforcement Frequencies. This call sign is given each hour along with the 
dispatcher ID working any given frequency. (EX: 0102 Hrs WPZR413 X-ray 13) This 
means the Call Sign was given at 1:02am by dispatcher #13
Dispatchers use a 24 Hour Clock format. This is commonly referred to as Military Time
When Dates of Birth are given to dispatchers for Records Checks, it is given in the
ISO 8601 standard format also know as reverse format like this 1970/05/20. Always year 
first, then month, and then date.
Incident Report Numbers or IR for short, are assigned by the CAD (Computer Aided 
Dispatch) each time a call is entered and dispatched. Officers often request those 
numbers when on calls that require reports. These numbers start at 00001 on January 
first at midnight of each new year and continue in order until December 31 at 23:59 
Hrs (11:59pm)

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