Cumberland County (NS)

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Cumberland County owns and operates a series of repeaters operating on 152.750 MHz. All stations in the county, with the exception of the towns of Sprinhgill, Oxford, Parrsboro and Amherst (which dispatch themselves), are dispatched by Valley Dispatch on this frequency.

It is unknown if stations have maintained the use of their own VHF repeaters, or if they continue to operate through the Nova Scotia Integrated Mobile Radio System fire repeaters located at Kirkhill and Sugarloaf.

They can however continue to use the Maritime Public Safety Radio Network (MPSRN) "north" talkgroups, and the provincial mutual aid VHF simplex frequency 153.83


Ambulance services are provided by Emergency Health Services (EHS) (NS). Communications are on the EHS "North 1" talkgroup on the Maritime Public Safety Radio Network (MPSRN).