Dade County (MO)

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Dade County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Hospitals and EMS =

Cox EMS (Cox Health Systems)

Contract with the Dade County Ambulance District. Call signs are 400s. WQRI605 - for dispatch Ambulance Fleet, associated with WNLP860 (FXOs) Greenfield-Dade - 456.06

Codes and Unit Lists


Lockwoods Schools R1

  • WPWX299 - Mobiles on 159.78, 159.87 (NFM)

Greenfield Public Schools R4 ]

  • WNHZ434 - 463.35 Repeater; 466.7125 Mobiles (TRBO, was WFM)


  • Brown Auto & Wrecker Service 157.485 Base/Mobile (Greenfield) WZN342
  • Coose Farms 151.595 Base/Mobile (11K at Lockwood) WPBZ371

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