Davison County (SD)

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Davison County Radio Traffic Guide

Davison County is dispached entierely on the analog repeaters. Davison County departments are dispached via

City of Mitchell

City of Mitchell is dispatched by 8-2, which is located at the Mitchell Police Department. Dispatching is almost entirely done on the city's analog system. 8-2 uses the state TRS system to talk to troopers and other agencies on Mitchell INT TG 944. 8-2 also uses Mitchell Fire TG 24896 to talk to Mitchell EMS once they arrive in Sioux Falls on patient transfers. 8-2 has the ability to use all the other Davison Co TG's. They rarely, rarely use any of them.

Mitchell Police: 453.15000

Mitchell Fire and EMS: 154.40000

Mitchell Fire Talk Around: 154.01000 (Used at the fire house and on fire scenes)

Mitchell PW: 154.04000 (Garbage, City Lights, other city departments)

Davison County

Davison County units are dispatched by 8-2, but during the day they also are somewhat dispatched by 8-1 which is the Davison County Sheriff's office. All 911 calls still go through 8-2. If a Sheriff's unit is out on a traffic stop, they still go pass their traffic through 8-2. Although they still go though 8-2 for dispatching needs, some small calls go through 8-1. After 5pm and on weekends the sherrifs office phone role over to the jail, which is 8-1J. Most emergency calls are passed to 8-2, but some non emergency calls are passed right to deputies from 8-1J. Davison County almost always uses the conventional frequencies, but sometimes uses the Davison Co SO TRS channel for deputy-deputy communication All Sheriff's Office traffic is on 453.87500

Jail traffic is also on 453.87500 (Jail traffic does not go through the repeater, it is simplex)

Ethan and Mt Vernon Fire is on 154.400 (same frequency as Mitchell Fire and EMS, but each city has a different tower with different TX PL's)