Decatur County (KS)

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Decatur County Radio Designators

Law Enforcement:

  • Units 51-54: Oberlin Police
  • Units 55-59: Decatur Co Sheriff

Medical (EMS):

  • EMS 1: Jennings Ambulance
  • EMS 4: Oberlin Primary Ambulance
  • EMS 5: Oberlin Backup Ambulance

All EMT's in the county carry portable radios with paging capability. All EMT's have radio numbers in the 400 series corresponding to their pager ID's.

Fire Departments:

  • Truck 10: Decatur Co Rural Fire Rescue rig (Jaws/Extrication)

All fire apparatus in the county use the radio ID "Truck ##."

Fire Chiefs carry two-way pagers and have radio ID's in the 600 series.