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Unknown Sites

It appears as though this system is comprised sites operated by various radio shops, with IP connections between them and sharing of the 289 System ID.

As of 8-24-2018, MIDCOM's website states that in 2014 they started with one or more sites in Muskegon Co and then added additional sites in Ottawa and Oceana counties. The site also says that in 2015 they linked their system with systems of other NEXEDGE dealers in MI to expand coverage to Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Southfield and Pine Knob and southward to Toledo. 2021 website says over 19 sites.

Smart-Link Systems appears to be one of the partners, providing System 289 coverage into NW OH, with sites 11 through 15 (at least) believed to be Smart-Link sites in Ohio. See map of Smart-Link licenses -

NOTE: Do not attempt to use any sort of default bandplan to calculate LCNs on this system. It is totally unreliable as the administrators of the system appear to have assigned unique LCNs per their own desire rather than use a standardized bandplan.

Sites 12, 14, 15, 21, 22, and 28 exist at this time, but we simply do not have any information about them.
They are all mentioned in neighbor lists.

8 Burnside?
9 Munger?
10 Ubly?

Monitored 8-23-2018.

L289-11 (RAN: 11) - likely Toledo (Lucas) - WPPY254 / WNVG437
ch 517	464.125   (current control channel)
ch 430	###.####  (alternate control channel)
ch 519  ###.####

Neighbors: 3, 4, 12, 13, 21

L289-3:  CC=92
L289-4:  CC=126
L289-12: CC=681
L289-13: CC=631
L289-21: CC=900

Monitored 9-8-2018.

L289-12  (RAN: 12) - likely Lima (Allen) - WPXX659
ch 681  461.6375 (current control channel)

Neighbors: 11, 13, 14, 15

L289-11: CC=517
L289-13: CC=631
L289-14: CC=581
L289-15: CC=715

NOTE:  Even though 461.6375 is licensed for Lima, an RR user reports that they went
to the Wapakoneta site, took the antenna off of their scanner, and could monitor
461.6375 just fine.   They have suggested that this site is Wapakoneta.

Monitored 6-25-2018.  

L289-13 (RAN: 13) - likely Findlay (Hancock) - WPQA987
ch 631  461.5625  (current control channel)

Neighbors: 11, 12, 14, 15

L289-11: CC=517
L289-12: CC=681
L289-14: CC=581
L289-15: CC=715

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