Department of Transportation (OR)

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ODOT IDs and Codes

ODOT Radio IDs

  • Example: 3M60
    • first digit is district 3
    • letters are type of unit
      • M units are maint
      • B is bridge crew
      • S is sign
    • 60 series is area; in this case 60 is Santiam Junction
    • Lower numbers are usually district engineers not sure if they are using A or X for them

ODOT Weather Report Codes

  • 12-37 weather reports such as 32 65 3 35 condition c
    • first group is temp 32
    • next group
      • first digit is actual weather from clear to snowing hard to blizzard 6 or 7 is blizzard?
      • second digit is road surface condition 5 or 6 snow packed on road hard. lower numbers snow and slush to bare pavement
    • third group of numbers is amount of new snow since last report
    • fourth group is total roadside snow
    • condition A , B or C is chain requirements
      • A trucks over 10k traction ok on under 10k
      • B requires trucks and more smaller vehicles and trailers have chains and
      • C everything must have chains even with traction tires

  • They give reports several times a day as long as it is snow season, pretty much the same as studded tire season dates but have heard them go longer with late snows.
  • From Foster, ODOT can usually be heard from:
    • Bend North a lot of the time on 156.060,
    • Santiam Junction 156.135,
    • Sweet Home on 151.025 and
    • Eugene on 158.745.

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