Deschutes County (OR)

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Deschutes County Fire Department

Unit Designators

Tri-County Numbering System Example: Unit 325
Hundreds digit = 3 Bend Fire (Agency)
Tens digit = 2 - Engine (Type of Vehicle or Asset)
Ones digit = 5 - Station 5. (District Station)
Unit 325 is a Bend Fire Engine from Station 5

Agency Numbering

100 La Pine
200 Sunriver
300 Bend
400 Redmond
500 Crooked River
600 Cloverdale
700 Sisters - Camp Sherman RFPD
800 Black Butte
900 Alfalfa
1100 Crescent Rural
1200 Prineville
1300 Three Rivers
1700 Jefferson County Fire
2100 Jefferson County EMS
2200 Warm Springs

Vehicle Numbering

10's Chiefs
20's Engines
30's Tenders
40's Interface Engines/Light Brush
50's Ladder Trucks
60's Rescues
70's Medics
80's Investigatiors
90's Staff/Utility Vehicles

Deschutes County Sheriffs Department

Radio Jargon

Location Codes

Station 02 Sunriver Police Station
Station 03 Bend Police Station
Station 04 Redmond Police Station
Station 08 Black Butte Ranch Police Station
Station 09 Deschutes County Jail
Station 10 Deschutes County Sheriff's Station
Station 51 Oregon State Police Bend Station
Station 52 Oregon State Police La Pine Station

Status Codes

Code 4: Investigation Complete/Call Cleared
Code 6: Investigation Followup
Code 9: Emergency Radio Traffic Only (units switch to disptach 2)

Unit Designators

2xx Sunriver Police
3xx Bend Police
4xx Redmond Police
8xx Black Butte Ranch Police
9xx Deschutes County Sheriff Corrections
10xx Deschutes County Sheriff Units

Amateur Radio