Drug Interdiction Frequencies

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JTF/JIATF-E/US Customs Mil-Air freqs (UHF-Mil Air)

These UHF Mil air freqs are used for U.S. Customs General Air operations, as well as interagency enforcement with the Coast Guard, FAA, and JIATF-E.

282.4250 Blue-1
282.4000 BLUE-1 Alternate
260.8000 BLUE-2
303.8250 BLUE-2
336.6000 BLUE-3
353.9000 BLUE-3
254.2000 BLUE-4
243.6000 BLUE-5
381.8000 BLUE-6
283.4000 BLUE-7
387.8000 BLUE-8
361.8000 BLUE-9
281.4000 BLUE-10

Note, not all of these frequencies will be in use in your area, they may be used by other military air groups.

Also, in use in South Florida, the following frequencies have been reported in use specifically by JIATF-E:

275.4000 Radar Control (Ch. 6)
299.2000 USCS/DEA/FAA
323.0000 M.I.A. ? (Ch. 5)
338.4000 Enforcement 1
344.0000 Enforcement 2
342.6000 JTF4 (Ch. 7)
344.2000 JTF4 (Ch. 9)
382.8000 NBIS Mayport NAS
440.0000 Aerostat Radar
445.0000 Aerostat Radar

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