East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS) Radio IDs

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Radio IDs

IDs in bold are confirmed.

Radio ID Description
3011xxx Alameda Co S/O Consoles
3013xxx Alameda Co FD Consoles
3015xxx Alameda Co Juvenile Probation
3030000 Alameda Hospital
3030001 Alta Bates Hospital
3030002 Children's Hospital
3030003 Eden Medical Center
3030004 Highland Hospital
3030005 Kaiser Hospital Fremont
3030006 Kaiser Hospital San Leandro
3030007 Kaiser Hospital Oakland
3030008 St. Rose Hospital
3030009 San Ramon Regional Medical Center
3030010 Summit Medical Center
3030011 Valley Care
3030012 Washington Hospital
3030013 Willow Rock
3030014 San Leandro Hospital
3030015 Unknown Hospital
3030xxx Paramedics Plus
3031xxx Unknown
3034xxx Camp Parks
3035xxx Alameda Co FD
30450xx Alameda Co Radio Techs
30455xx Alameda Co Building Maintenance
3046xxx UNKNOWN Affiliates with ALCO SO DISP 2
3047xxx UNKNOWN
3049xxx Oro Loma Sanitary District
3050xxx UNKNOWN
3066xxx ALCO Public Works? (Aff. w/ 1029 ALCO PW 1)
30670xx Alameda Co Radio Cache
3067xxx Alameda Co S/O
3068xxx Alameda Co S/O
3069xxx Alameda Co S/O
30881xx Alameda PD Console
3094xxx Alameda UNKNOWN
3096xxx Alameda FD
3097xxx Alameda UNKNOWN (Affiliates with 4019)
3098xxx Alameda PD
3099xxx Alameda PW
310000x Albany PD/FD Consoles
3109xxx Albany FD
3111xxx Albany PD
31130xx Berkeley PD/FD Consoles
3122xxx Berkeley FD
3124xxx Berkeley PD
3137xxx Dublin PD
314300x Emeryville PD Consoles
3150xxx Emeryville PD
315300x Fremont PD Consoles
3161xxx Fremont FD
3163xxx Fremont PD
3164xxx Fremont PW
3165xxx Hayward Consoles
3174xxx Hayward FD
3176xxx Hayward PD
31780xx Livermore PD Consoles
31830xx Livermore Area Recreation and Park District
31832xx Livermore UNKNOWN (Aff. w/ Livermore PD Main)
3184xxx Livermore UNKNOWN
3187xxx Livermore/Pleasanton FD
3189xxx Livermore PD
31900xx Livermore City Services
31905xx Livermore Municipal Airport (0-12) and some City Services
31911xx Newark PD Consoles
3202xxx Newark PD
32041xxx UNKNOWN
32042xx Oakland PD Consoles
32043xxx UNKNOWN
32045xxx UNKNOWN
3205xxx UNKNOWN
32062xx Oakland FD Consoles
3209xxx UNKNOWN
3210xxx Oakland FD
3211xxx Oakland FD
3214xxx Oakland PD
3214810 Oakland PD "ARGUS"
3214811 Oakland PD "ARGUS"
3215xxx Oakland PD
3216xxx Oakland PD
3217xxx Oakland PD
3221xxx Oakland PW
3222xxx Poss Oakland PD
3223xxx Oakland Unknown
3226xxx Oakland Unknown
3235xxx Piedmont Fire
3237xxx Piedmont PD
32390xx Pleasanton PD Consoles
3250xxx Pleasanton PD
32509xx Pleasanton UNKNOWN
3251xxx Pleasanton Paratransit
32531xx San Leandro PD Consoles
3263xxx San Leandro PD
3264xxx San Leandro PW
32650xx Union City PD Consoles
3276xxx Union City PD
3277xxx Union City Transit
3278xxx East Bay Regional Parks Consoles
3283xxx East Bay Regional Parks District
3284xxx LAVTA
328600x UC Berkeley Consoles
32863xx UC Berkeley
3287xxx Ohlone Community College District - Campus Police
3292xxx UC Berkeley
3293xxx UC Berkeley
3296xxx UNKNOWN (Affil with 10205)
3297xxx UNKNOWN (Affil with 10224)
3298000 CHP "H32"
40100xx Contra Costa Co S/O Consoles
4011xxx UNKNOWN
4012xxx CONFIRE Consoles
4012004 CONFIRE CON AIR 2 Helicopter
4035xxx UNKNOWN
40560xx Contra Costa Co Probation
40561xx Contra Costa Co Animal Control
40562xx Contra Costa Co Animal Control
40563xx Contra Costa Co UNKNOWN
40565xx Contra Costa Co Juvenile Hall
40566xx Contra Costa Co Radio Techs
40770xx Contra Costa Co S/O - Bay Station (West County)
40771xx Contra Costa Co S/O -
40772xx Contra Costa Co S/O -
40773xx Contra Costa Co S/O - Delta Station (East County)
40774xx Contra Costa Co S/O - Valley Station (Central County)
40775xx Contra Costa Co S/O -
40776xx Contra Costa Co S/O -
4077672 Contra Costa Co S/O - Helicopter STARR3
4077834 Contra Costa Co S/O - Helicopter STARR3
4077842 Contra Costa Co S/O - Helicopter STARR3
40777xx Contra Costa Co S/O -
4097xxx Antioch PD Console
4107xxx Antioch PD
4109xxx Brentwood PD Console
4119xxx Brentwood PD
4131xxx Clayton PD
4132xxx Clayton PW
4133xxx Concord PD Console
4143xxx Concord PD
4144xxx Concord Parks & Rec / Public Works
4155xxx Danville PD
4156xxx Danville PW? (AFF WITH 8905)
4157xxx UNKNOWN
4169xxx El Cerrito PD/Kensington PD
41700xx El Cerrito PW
4182xxx Hercules PD
4183xxx Hercules PW
4194xxx Lafayette PD
419600x Martinez PD Consoles
4206xxx Martinez PD
4219xxx Moraga PD
4231xxx Oakley PD
4243xxx Orinda PD
4245xxx Pinole/Hercules Consoles
4256xxx Pinole PD
4257xxx Pinole PW
4268xxx Pittsburg PD
4270xxx Pleasant Hill PD Consoles
4280xxx Pleasant Hill PD
4282xxx Richmond PD/FD Consoles
4296xxx Richmond FD
4300xxx Richmond PD & FD
4300448 CHP Air 31
4300450 CHP Helicopter H-32
4314xxx San Pablo PD
43150xx San Pablo PW
4319xxx San Ramon Valley FPD Consoles
4325xxx San Ramon Valley FPD
4327xxx San Ramon PD
4328xxx San Ramon PW
4329xxx Walnut Creek PD Consoles
4339xxx Walnut Creek PD
4341xxx UNKNOWN
4343xxx UNKNOWN (Caltrans?) Aff. w/ 10106, 10139, 10140
4347xxx Benicia PD
4348xxx Contra Costa College Dist. PD
4349xxx UNKNOWN
4351xxx UNKNOWN, law enforcement related, encrypted on ALCO LAW 4
4352xxx AMR West (American Medical Response)
4500xxx CONFIRE
4501xxx UNKNOWN
4502xxx UNKNOWN
4507xxx El Cerrito FD Apparatus
4509xxx UNKNOWN
45114xx Moraga-Orinda FD Apparatus
45117xx Pinole FD
45137xx Rodeo-Hercules FD
4515xxx UNKNOWN
4517xxx UNKNOWN
4521xxx UNKNOWN
4524xxx Moraga-Orinda FD Portables
4527xxx El Cerrito FD Portables
45275xx UNKNOWN
45278xx Crockett-Carquinez FD Portables
4534xxx UNKNOWN
4537xxx Fire Dept
4541xxx Fire Dept
4547xxx Pinole FD Apparatus
45478xx Crockett-Carquinez FD Apparatus
4555xxx East Contra Costa FPD & CAL FIRE (Sunshine Station)
6000xxx UNKNOWN
6009xxx UNKNOWN Law enforcement related. Active surveillance
6074xxx UNKNOWN
10024xxx UNKNOWN
10529xxx UNKNOWN
11152xxx UNKNOWN
11474xxx UNKNOWN
12359xxx UNKNOWN
13155Xxx Milpitas
13231xxx San Jose
1329xxxx San Jose
13295779 San Jose PD Helicopter 'Air 3'
132960xx Unknown Surveillance Operation
14007xxx UNKNOWN
16xxxxxx Motorola Radio Techs

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