Evergy VHF

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Evergy VHF TRS
System Name Evergy VHF
System Type DMR Tier 3
System ID 1
Connect Tone n/a
Network Access Code n/a
DMR Color Code {{{CCode}}}
Band VHF
State KS, MO
Ownership Private

Evergy VHF System DB Entry
Evergy VHF Site Map from the RRDB

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Welcome to the Evergy VHF TRS collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

  • See the Monitoring DMR and Monitoring TRBO sections of the DMR MOTOTRBO articles for compatible receivers, scanners and applications

Service Areas (4)

Kansas Central

Kansas (City) Metro

Missouri Metro

Missouri West

FCC Licensing

  • WQYB911 153.6575 R/158.16 at Miami SALINE (DMR)
  • WQYB911 153.59R/158.235 153.065R/157.47 at Fayette HOWARD (DMR)

Part 22 "CP" Paging Licenses

  • These licenses cover a span of frequencies. The individual frequencies are not licensed on their own. Not a full list.

Topeka KS Market

  • 152.045-152.075 (inputs 158.505-158.535) WQOY721 BEA123 - Submarket 2
  • 152.615-152.645 (inputs 157.875-157.905) WQOY724 BEA123 - Submarket 2

Columbia MO Market

  • 152.045-152.075 (inputs 158.505-158.535) WQOY719 BEA098 - Submarket 2

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