FDARN Network

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The Florida Digital Amateur Radio Network was created for medical facilities to stay in contact with each other in an emergency situation. This network was created by and comprised of licensed amateur radio operators. Any licensed amateur may use our system. If you have any suggestions or comments about the system, please let us know via email. Our system is growing very fast and we look forward to expanding outside of the Tampa Bay area quickly.

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2	F-Darn Repeater System
310	TAC 310
311	TAC 311
312	TAC 312
8801	FDARN TAC 1
8802	FDARN TAC 2
8803	FDARN TAC 3
8804	FDARN TAC 4
8805	FDARN TAC 5
8806	FDARN TAC 6
3112	Florida Statewide
31121	First Coast
31122	WC Florida
31123	Treasure Coast
31165	T.G.I.F.
31121	First Coast
31371	Triangle NC
31127	Florida State ARES
31672	PI-Star Chat
3166	DV Switch
3100	Bridge 3100