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F.E.C. Radio Operations

F.E.C. operates over 360 miles of track from Jacksonville to Miami, along Florida's east coast. All Aboard Florida operates BrightLine luxury express passenger service over FEC tracks between Miami and West Palm Beach with service to Orlando expected to begin by early 2023.

All trains operate on the road channel unless they are switching in yards or inside industrial areas, like the Pompano Farmer's Market.

Dispatcher base stations listen on a different channel in a 2-frequency simplex arrangement. There are no repeaters.

As of early 2022 everything is classic analog narrow-band FM simplex.

  • AAR060 161.01MHz - used by local job 960 while working away from the main line back in Pompano Farmer's Market.
  • AAR080 161.31MHz - used at Hialeah Yard for extra switchin.

Dispatcher Base Stations

Milepost Place name Remarks
9.7 Sunbeam, Jax
66 Dorena
298 West Palm Beach
319 Delray Beach co-located with defect detector
338.8 Wilton Manor
351 Ojus

Please carefully add base stations to this table if you know for certain where they are located. Thanks.


Outside companies that were hired to complete the various tasks of double-tracking the railroad to accommodate passenger service often use other frequencies. Their announcements to clear workers off the track can provide tips as to which train is approaching.

  • AAR020 160.41MHz - heard in the middle part of the line around Pineda, Melbourne, and City Point/Cocoa.
  • AAR058 160.98MHz - on the south end around Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

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