FT-Fairmont Sub

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  • CSX Fairmont Subdivision operates on 160.2300 mhz
  • Controlled by the BF Dispatcher on 160.3200 mhz
  • Located between Grafton,WV and Fairmont,WV (26.2 miles)
  • Double Track from D Tower to CY Tower & Single Track from CY Tower to Catawba Junction
  • There are no Defect Detectors

  • Begin of CSX Fairmont Sub/End of CSX Mountain Sub
  • D Tower - Milepost BA280.2
  • CY Tower - Milepost BA284.2
  • Monongahela River Thru Truss Bridge - Milepost BA300.6
  • Gaston Junction (WV) - Milepost BA300.9
  • Fairmont,WV - Milepost BA302.1
  • WD Tower - Milepost BA303.4 (Connection w/CSX American Fibers Industrial Track)
  • Catawba Junction (WV) - Milepost BA306.3
  • End of CSX Fairmont Sub/Begin of Norfolk Southern (NS) Loveridge Secondary

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