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Federal Call Signs in Wisconsin

Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • KAC569 Bureau of Indian Affairs Ashland
  • KAC570 Bureau of Indian Affairs Mellen
  • KAC571 Bureau of Indian Affairs Minocqua/Squirrel Hill
  • KAC572 Bureau of Indian Affairs Bayfield
  • KAC573 Bureau of Indian Affairs Hayward
  • KAC574 Bureau of Indian Affairs Meteor/Washburn
  • KAC575 Bureau of Indian Affairs Rat Lake

Drug Enforcement Administration

  • KLR761 Drug Enforcement Administration Milwaukee

Federal Aviation Administration

  • KEB24 Federal Aviation Administration-Green Bay
  • KKY53 Federal Aviation Administration-Milwaukee

Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • KSC220 FBI Milwaukee Field Office
  • KSC222 FBI Kenosha Resident Agency
  • KSC223 FBI Madison Resident Agency
  • KSC225 FBI Green Bay Resident Agency
  • KSC226 FBI Wausau Resident Agency
  • KSC227 FBI La Crosse Resident Agency
  • KSC228 FBI Eau Claire Resident Agency
  • WQHD696 FBI Aircraft

Federal Prisons

  • KVL310 Federal Bureau of Prisons-Oxford

Federal Protective Service

  • KPA720 Federal Protective Service-Milwaukee


  • WGY925 FEMA Madison

US Army

  • WUD723 US Army Corps or Engineers-Happy Corner

US Coast Guard

  • NMP7 U.S. Coast Guard-Kenosha
  • NMP9 U.S. Coast Guard-Milwaukee

US Forest Service

  • KSB803 USFS Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest-Blackwell
  • KSB819 USFS Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest-Laona
  • KSD777 USFS Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest-Rhinelander

US Marshals

  • KRD698 US Marshals Service-Madison

US National Park Service

  • KQC745 National Park Service-St. Croix National Scenic River-Lampson
  • KQC746 National Park Service-St. Croix National Scenic River-Danbury
  • KQC748 National Park Service-St. Croix National Scenic River-Hayward

Veterans Administration

  • KLM504 Veterans Administration-Tomah


In addition to the frequencies listed on the main page, the Coast Guard also uses the following frequencies:

VHF Marine Band

  • 156.7500 Ch. 15 Environmental (EPA)
  • 156.8000 Ch. 16 EMERGENCY/DISTRESS/civilan vessel calling Coast Guard/commercial vessel calling
  • 157.0500 Ch. 21 Helicoptors/SAR (COAST GUARD ONLY)
  • 157.1000 Ch. 22 Broadcasts/USCG liason with Civilian vessels
  • 157.1500 Ch. 23 Primary Ops (COAST GUARD ONLY)
  • 157.0750 Ch. 81 (FEDERAL GOVT ONLY)
  • 157.1250 Ch. 82 US Army Corps of Engineers (FEDERAL GOVT ONLY)
  • 157.1750 Ch. 83 (FEDERAL GOVT ONLY)

Other Federal Agencies with a presence in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes may use the above listed channels (VHF Marine Band), including: United States Coast Guard (USCG), United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and National Oceanic & Atmosheric Administration (NOAA)

HF Band (all frequencies are in USB mode)

  • 2.003 Great Lakes HF primary (civilian ships)
  • 2.261 USCG Great Lakes
  • 2.670 USCG all areas liason with civilian vessels
  • 2.687 USCG Great Lakes
  • 3.023 SAR
  • 5.320 USCG Great Lakes
  • 5.680 SAR
  • 5.692 USCG all areas
  • 5.696 USCG all areas Night Primary
  • 8.125 USCG Great Lakes
  • 8.980 USCG all areas
  • 8.983 USCG all areas Day Primary

UHF Air Band

  • 326.1500 Air-to-Ground Primary
  • 379.0500 Air-to-Ground Secondary
  • 345.0000 Air Ops Primary
  • 237.9000 Air Ops Secondary
  • 282.8000 SAR

US Forest Service Repeaters in Wisconsin

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