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National Park Service

Natchez Trace Parkway

Natchez Trace Parkway (AL/MS/TN) This is a multi-county system extending the length of the state of Mississippi and at least one county in Tennessee. Headquarters is in Tupelo, Mississippi. Repeaters are located in Natchez, Jackson, Madison, Kosiusko, Tupelo, and other places. All Law Enforcement comms are encrypted during daytime/evening hours using AES and are not encrypted at night when Lee Co takes over comms.

  • Dispatch callsigns: 700
  • Radio Repair Contractor: 701
  • Fire Fighting Division: 600 Series
  • Ranger callsigns: 500 series
  • Park Maintanance callsigns: 300 series
  • Parkway Administration callsigns: 200 series
  • Other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and NTNP Admin callsigns: 100 series
  • Resource Management: 400 series

Rangers may use local county, state, municipal and federal frequencies for interoperability.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge