Federal Wichita County (TX)

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Unidentified/Unconfirmed Frequencies

The following frequencies are not listed in the database. If you can confirm or identify any of them, please submit the information and remove them from this list.

Frequency/Input Type Tone - Description
163.1000 M 293 NAC - Clear mobiles passing through town. Unknown agency
166.5125 ? 001 NAC - Encrypted. USSS Sierra? Unknown if local base/repeater or transient mobiles.
167.4125 M 167 NAC - Encrypted. FBI aircraft?
167.8875 M 301 NAC - Encrypted mobiles. CBP or ICE?
168.5875 M 001 NAC - Clear mobiles. Unknown agency
410.9500 F CSQ - Proabably FAA AWOS/ASOS data at WF Regional Airport

There are several FBI P25 multicast linked repeaters which are probably located in the counties surrounding Wichita County or futher away. See Federal (TX) #Wichita Falls Area.

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