Fix Audio Popping on the 785/796

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The popping and other spikes on the audio from the line out jack is caused by the audio amp turning on/off - the following procedure works with both the BC785D and BC796D...

  1. Take the covers off
  2. Find the large connector in the center, J6 with one blue wire at pin 1 and the rest are white. The tap needs to be made off the blue wire.
  3. Flip the radio over and cut the trace feeding the tip contact on the Tape/Record jack then soldered on a jumper from that to the pin 1 of J6, the one with the blue wire.
  4. Optional but also a good idea; Cut the traces on either side of the pin for the ring contact on the jack, the Tape/Record jack is a stereo jack; isolate that contact so you can insert a mono or stereo plug; and there's no chance of mixing in the switched audio source

BC796 real lineout.jpg

Thanks to KB0NLY and N8CHB for the procedure