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Use this article to describe and detail the Ontario Fleetnet system.

Hamilton Fleetnet Tower

Location: This tower is located in the city of Hamilton in the downtown core on Charlton Street, near St Joseph Hospital on top of one of the cities tallest buildings.

Coverage: To the east it is strong along the QEW until the Oakville/Burlington border using a rubber duck. You might want to switch to Welland/Fonthill or Mississauga in these areas. To the north this tower works well in Flamborough but a switch to either of Guelph’s towers is in order in the further northern regions of the city.

This tower works well along the QEW thru Grimsby but drops off shortly thereafter, switch to Welland/Fonthill at this point.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
8656  21d  OPP 1OPS38  Aurora 5B -1OPS38 (5A- RHQ ) 
8672  21e  OPP 1OPS39  Burlington 5C - 1OPS39 
8704  220  OPP 1OPS41  Cambridge 5E - 1OPS41 
8720  221  OPP 1OPS42  Toronto 5F - 1OPS42 
8736  222  OPP 1OPS43  Niagara Region 5G - 1OPS43 
8752  223  OPP 1OPS44  Mississauga 5I - 1OPS44 
8768  224  OPP 1OPS45  Whitby 5K - 1OPS45 
8784  225  OPP 1OPS46  Aurora 5L - 1OPS46 Highway 407 ETR 
8800  226  OPP 1OPS47  1OPS47 
8816  227  OPP 1OPS48  1OPS48 
8832  228  OPP 1OPS49  1OPS49 
  • tgs8672 and 8736 are generally patched. tg8672 covers Halton Region and Hamilton area provincial roads including Highway 5 (west of Hwy 6), Highway 6, 403 as well as the QEW
  • tg8656 is used by Highway 407 units (5 Lima) in addition to Aurora
  • tg8704 and 8752 are patched. tg8704 covers the provincial highways in Waterloo region and 5I units cover the 400 series highways in Peel Region

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
8192  200  OPP 1HWY 01  London Highway Units - 1HWY01 
8512  214  OPP 1HWY 02  GTR Highway Units - 1HWY02 
8848  229  OPP 1CHATHAM  Chatham - 1CHATHAM 
8864  22a  OPP 1LONDON  London - 1LONDON 
8880  22b  OPP 1MT FOREST  Mount Forest - 1MT FOREST 
8896  22c  OPP 1GTR  Greater Toronto Region - 1GTR 
8912  22d  OPP 1BARRIE  Barrie - 1BARRIE 
9536  254  OPP 1RED SW  Remote Emergency Dispatch - 1RED SW 
  • tg8896 used for Prisoner Transports (10-92) in and around the region. Quite active mornings/afternoons

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
8208  201  OPP 1OPS01  Brant County 6B - 1OPS01 
8224  202  OPP 1OPS02  Bruce County 6R - 1OPS02 
8240  203  OPP 1OPS03  Chatham-Kent 6D - 1OPS03 
8256  204  OPP 1OPS04  Elgin County 6P - 1OPS04 
8272  205  OPP 1OPS05  Essex County 6E - 1OPS05 
8288  206  OPP 1OPS06  Haldimand County 6C -1OPS06 (6Q First Nations) 
8304  207  OPP 1OPS07  Huron County 6G - 1OPS07 
8320  208  OPP 1OPS08  Lambton County 6M - 1OPS08 
8336  209  OPP 1OPS09  Middlesex County 6J - 1OPS09 
8352  20a  OPP 1OPS10  North Grey 6L - 1OPS10 
8368  20b  OPP 1OPS11  Oxford County 6S - 1OPS11 
8384  20c  OPP 1OPS12  Perth County 6N - 1OPS12 
8400  20d  OPP 1OPS13  South Bruce 6I - 1OPS13 
8416  20e  OPP 1OPS14  Wellington County 6T - 1OPS14 
8432  20f  OPP 1OPS15  Norfolk County 6O - 1OPS15 
8448  210  OPP 1OPS16  Spare (Future Use) 1OPS16 
8464  211  OPP 1OPS17  Spare (Future Use) 1OPS17 
8480  212  OPP 1OPS18  Spare (Future Use) 1OPS18 
8496  213  OPP 1BNPD  Bruce Nuclear Power Plant - 1BNPD 
  • tg8416 Occasional activity

2) MOH Hamilton CACC

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
35584  8b0  Hamilton CACC  CACC 
35600  8b1  Ham City East  City East 
35616  8b2  Ham Niagara N  Niagara North 
35632  8b3  Simcoe Norfolk  Simcoe Norfolk  
35648  8b4  Hamilton TAC 1  Tactical 1 
35664  8b5  Hamilton TAC 2  Tactical 2 
35680  8b6  Hamilton TAC 3  Tactical 3 
35696  8b7  Hamilton TAC 4  Tactical 4 
35712  8b8  Ham City West  City West 
35728  8b9  Ham Niagara S  Niagara South 
  • Hamilton City East 35600 handles Hamilton city EMS calls.
  • Units switch over to Tac 4 35696 upon arrival and for patches to hospitals.
  • Simcoe 35632 is the talk group for EMS units in Norfolk, Haldimand and Brant Counties. Generally patches to area hospitals are not heard on this tower.

Mississauga CACC

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
35744  8ba  MIS CACC  Mississauga CACC 
35760  8bb  Peel N Patch  Hospital Patch - Peel North 
35776  8bc  Peel S Patch  Hospital Patch - Peel South 
35792  8bd  Halton EMS  Halton Region 
35808  8be  MIS TAC 1 SW  Tactical 1 - Peel South West 
35824  8bf  MIS TAC 2 SE  Tactical 2 - Peel South East 
35840  8c0  MIS TAC 3 HL  Tactical 3 - Halton - Hospital Patch  
35856  8c1  MIS TAC 4 NE  Tactical 4 - Peel North East 
35872  8c2  MIS TAC 5 NW  Tactical 5 - Peel North West 
35888  8c3  MIS Spare  Spare 
37504  928  MIS TAC 6  Tactical 6 
  • EMS units in Halton Region are busy on 35792. Hospital patches to Joseph Brant (JB) and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial (OTMH) are heard on Tac 3. Occasionally Mississauga city units are heard on Peel South 35776.

Niagara CACC

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
37648  931  Niagara ACS  Ambulance Communications Services  
37664  932  Niagara N  North 
37680  933  Niagara S  South 
37696  934  Niagara TAC 1  Tactical 1 
37712  935  Niagara TAC 2  Tactical 2 
37728  936  Niagara TAC 3  Tactical 3 
  • Niagara CACC are often heard off Hamilton Tower.

MOH Common Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
32800  802  1PC AMB  Common 
34976  88a  MOH ZONE 1  Southwest Zone Common 
34992  88b  1 REG 1 COM  Region 1 Common 
35008  88c  1 REG 2 COM  Region 2 Common 
35024  88d  1 REG 3 COM  Region 3 Common 
37776  939  1 RED  Remote Emergency Dispatch 
  • Since Hamilton General is a base hospital you will hear a lot of activity on MOHZN1 34976. Units from Cambridge, Mississauga and Niagara can also be heard on 35008 Reg 2 & 35024 Reg. Further west Region 1 units from London’s dispatch can be heard on 34992 on occasion.

3) MTO

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
38048  94a  MTO COM  MTO Common 
38144  950  MTO38144  Maintenance 
38512  967  MTO38512  Maintenance 
38528  968  MTO38528  Maintenance 
38624  96e  MTO38624  Maintenance 
38656  970  MTO38656  Maintenance 
38672  971  MTO38672  Maintenance 
38688  972  MTO38688  MTO Spare 
38704  973  MTO38704  Maintenance 
38720  974  SPR 1  Spare 1 
38768  977  MTO38768  Maintenance 
38784  978  MTO38784  MTO 
38832  97b  MTO38832  MTO 
38848  97c  MTO38848  Maintenance 
39136  98e  MTO39136  Maintenance 
  • In the winter time, punch in tgs 38464, 38480 and 38496
  • Morriston seems to be the t/g for Halton West and Mississauga along Hwy 401.
  • Burlington will cover the provincial highways such as Highway 5 (West of Hwy 6), the 403 & QEW and Highway 6. Niagara comes alive during snow squalls covering the QEW and other provincial Highways (420, 406) in the said region.

Dyers Bay Fleetnet Tower

1) Location: Dyers Bay is located in the township of Northern Bruce Peninsula in Bruce County Ontario, between the hamlets of Ferndale and Tobermory.

2) Coverage: This tower covers areas to the north of Wiarton, south of Ferndale (Hwy 6 & Co Rd 9) coverage weakens. Due to the heavy vegetation and rocky terrain you can be very close to this tower and not receive it. A good antenna is advised.

3) What you will hear:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
8208  201  OPP 1OPS01  Brant County 6B - 1OPS01 
8224  202  OPP 1OPS02  Bruce County 6R - 1OPS02 
8240  203  OPP 1OPS03  Chatham-Kent 6D - 1OPS03 
8256  204  OPP 1OPS04  Elgin County 6P - 1OPS04 
8272  205  OPP 1OPS05  Essex County 6E - 1OPS05 
8288  206  OPP 1OPS06  Haldimand County 6C -1OPS06 (6Q First Nations) 
8304  207  OPP 1OPS07  Huron County 6G - 1OPS07 
8320  208  OPP 1OPS08  Lambton County 6M - 1OPS08 
8336  209  OPP 1OPS09  Middlesex County 6J - 1OPS09 
8352  20a  OPP 1OPS10  North Grey 6L - 1OPS10 
8368  20b  OPP 1OPS11  Oxford County 6S - 1OPS11 
8384  20c  OPP 1OPS12  Perth County 6N - 1OPS12 
8400  20d  OPP 1OPS13  South Bruce 6I - 1OPS13 
8416  20e  OPP 1OPS14  Wellington County 6T - 1OPS14 
8432  20f  OPP 1OPS15  Norfolk County 6O - 1OPS15 
8448  210  OPP 1OPS16  Spare (Future Use) 1OPS16 
8464  211  OPP 1OPS17  Spare (Future Use) 1OPS17 
8480  212  OPP 1OPS18  Spare (Future Use) 1OPS18 
8496  213  OPP 1BNPD  Bruce Nuclear Power Plant - 1BNPD 
  • All radio activity on tgs 8224, 8352 and 8400 has been patched. It is essential to enter in all of these talk groups in order to listen to the activity.
  • Bruce 6 Romeo units cover areas on the peninsula. There are 3 detachments:
    • Wiarton (South Bruce Pen)
    • Lions Head (Old Eastnor Township)
    • Tobermory (Old St Edmonds Township) Tobermory’s office is seasonal).
  • South Bruce 6 India units cover Bruce County. Detachments are in Walkerton and Kincardine.
  • North Grey 6 Lima units police areas of the county not serviced by local police departments such as Hanover, West Grey and Owen Sound. Detachments are located in the following communities:
    • Chatsworth-Located to the south of Owen Sound where Provincial Highways 6&10 meet.
    • Meaford-Located on Georgian Bay in the eastern part of the county.
    • Markdale-Covers southeastern Grey County along Highway 10.

B) Activity. You will hear more activity for 6Lima and 6India units as there is a larger full season population. Most of the 6Romeo activity is centered on the Wiarton and Sauble Beach areas.

  • Back in the summer of 2004 the talk groups were patched to include talk group 8288, 6Charlie & 6Q First Nations in Haldimand County 100’s of kilometers to the south.

4) MOH

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
35264  89c  London CACC  CACC 
35280  89d  London City 1  City 1 
35296  89e  London City 2  City 2 
35312  89f  London East  East 
35328  8a0  London West  West 
35344  8a1  London North  North 
35360  8a2  London TAC 1  Tactical 1 
35376  8a3  London TAC 2  Tactical 2 
35392  8a4  London TAC 3  Tactical 3 
35408  8a5  London TAC 4  Tactical 4 
35424  8a6  London TAC 5  Tactical 5 - Owen Sound Hospital Patch 
35440  8a7  London TAC 6  Tactical 6 
35456  8a8  London SPARE  Spare 
  • The area is covered by the large London CACC.
  • All EMS activity is dispatched here. Patches to hospitals are not heard on Dyers Bay. There are two area hospitals in Lions Head and Tobermory (and larger ones in Wiarton and Owen Sound).

5) Other activity

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
16  001  1BMR D1  Digital 1 
32  002  1BMR D2  Digital 2 
48  003  1BMR D3  Digital 3 
64  004  1BMR D4  Digital 4 
80  005  1BMR D5  Digital 5 
96  006  1BMR D6  Digital 6 
112  007  1BMR D7  Digital 7 
128  008  1BMR D8  Digital 8 
144  009  1BMR D9  Digital 9 
160  00a  1BMR A1  Analog 1 
176  00b  1BMR A2  Analog 2 
192  00c  1BMR A3  Analog 3 
208  00d  1BMR A4  Analog 4 
224  00e  1BMR A5  Analog 5 
240  00f  1BMR A6  Analog 6 
256  010  1BMR A7  Analog 7 
272  011  1BMR A8  Analog 8 
  • Save a bank for BMR technicians. They occasionally make day trips to run tests
  • Surveillance talk groups have been heard on occasion however all of the activity is encrypted.

All data was found using an Uniden 246 & 296

Mississauga Fleetnet Tower:

The Mississauga Fleetnet Tower Site #009 is located on Britannia Road just west of Hurontario Road just south of Highway 401 in the city of Mississauga.

This tower has a strong signal I find especially at high elevations and in my opinion carries better to the west than to the east. Perhaps the great buildup of Toronto to the east weakens this towers signal some. Coverage generally then extends from Toronto to the east and to Halton Region to the west.


Mississauga Fleetnet Tower (9)


8656 21d D 1OPS38 Aurora 5Bravo (5A GHQ units, 5X/5W Highway Rangers, 5L 407 units) Law Dispatch 8672 21e D 1OPS39 Burlington 5Charlie Law Dispatch 8704 220 D 1OPS41 Cambridge 5Echo Law Dispatch 8720 221 D 1OPS42 Downsview 5Foxtrot Law Dispatch 8736 222 D 1OPS43 Niagara 5Golf Law Dispatch 8752 223 D 1OPS44 Port Credit 5India Law Dispatch 8768 224 D 1OPS45 Whitby 5Kilo Law Dispatch 8784 225 D 1OPS46 Spare (Future Use) Law Dispatch 8800 226 D 1OPS47 Spare (Future Use) Law Dispatch 8816 227 D 1OPS48 Spare (Future Use) Law Dispatch 8832 228 D 1OPS49 Spare (Future Use)

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP for short) patrol the provincial highways throughout Peel Region. You will see their new white & black cruisers on the following highways: 401, 403, 427, 407, 410 in Peel Region.

Talkgroups 8656: 5 Lima units patrol Electronic Toll Road (ETR) 407 thru Peel region. You will also hear Aurora 5 Bravo units patrolling York Region and 5 Alpha and 5 Yankke units.

Talkgroups 8704 and 8752 are multi-selected or patched talkgroups. 5 India units patrol Peel Region highways save the 407. These units origniate from the OPP's Port Credit detachement in the southern end of Mississauga. Generally, the boundaries for Port Credit are: Renforth/Highway 427 to the east, Lake Ontario to the south, Dundas Street (Halton Region) along Highway 403 to the south west and along Highway 401 to Guelph Line or Highway 6 in the north west.

Cambridge 5 Echo units patrol provincial highways in Waterloo Region.

Talkgroups 8672 & 8736 are also multi-selected (patched?) talkgroups covering the Niagara Region & Halton/Hamilton. 5 Golf units patrol the provincial highways (QEW South of Casablanca, Highway 420 & 406)in Niagara Region from their HQ in Niagara Falls while 5 Charlie units cover the region of Halton and the city of Hamilton's provincial highways.

Talkgroups 8720 & 8768 cover the City of Toronto (5 Foxtrot) & Durham Region (5 Kilo) to the east.

8688 21f D 1OPS40 Caledon 1Sierra Law Dispatch

The town of Caledon is policed by the OPP and generally can be heard on the above talkgroup. Occasionally, other talkgroups for the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) or Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Enforcement units are heard here.

During the mornings & afternoons Prisoner transfers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond are heard on the following talkgroup:

8896 22c D 1GTR Greater Toronto Region wide area talkgroup Law Talk.

== 2) MOH ==

All EMS communications for the Mississauga CACC can be heard on this tower:

MOH Mississauga CACC Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 35744 8ba A MIS CACC CACC EMS Dispatch 35760 8bb A MIS NORTH Peel North EMS Dispatch 35776 8bc A MIS SOUTH Peel South EMS Dispatch 35792 8bd A MIS HALTON Halton EMS Dispatch 35808 8be A MIS TAC 1 Tactical 1 EMS-Tac 35824 8bf A MIS TAC 2 Tactical 2 EMS-Tac 35840 8c0 A MIS TAC 3 Tactical 3 EMS-Tac 35856 8c1 A MIS TAC 4 Tactical 4 EMS-Tac 35872 8c2 A MIS TAC 5 Tactical 5 EMS-Tac 35888 8c3 A MIS SPARE Spare EMS Dispatch 37504 928 A MIS TAC 6 Tactical 6 EMS-Tac

Peel North generally covers Brampton and most of Caledon, Peel South, called south by EMS units, cover Mississauga. The Halton talkgroup covers the entire Halton region. Patches to Hosptials in Halton are heard on Tac 3.

EMS units and various CACC's operating in and out each others area can be heard on the following Interop talkgroups:

MOH Interop Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 32800 802 A 1PCAMB Common Interop 34976 88a A MOHZN 1 Southwest Zone Common Interop 34992 88b A REG1 COM Region 1 Common Interop 35008 88c A REG2 COM Region 2 Common Interop 35024 88d A REG3 COM Region 3 Common Interop 37776 939 A MOH RED Remote Emergency Dispatch EMS Dispatch

Generally 34976 & 35008 & 35024 are most active.

== 3) MTO == During the winter months the following talkgroups can become extremely busy:

38464 964 A BURL Burlington Public Works 38480 965 A MORR Morriston Public Work

Talkgroup 38464 works the roads in and around Halton Region, the city of Hamilton and on provincial highways as far east as the city of Toronto. Talkgroup 38480 plows, salts and picks up debris generally on Highways 401 & 410 as well as the 403 thru Peel.

== 4) Other activity. ==

From time to time there will be activity on the OPP Tac talkgroups listed under the header: OPP Tactical Talkgroups.

While generally encrypted (read you cannot hear them) "Secret Agent double-knot spy stuff (Thank you Jethro Bodine!)stuff is active enough under the following headers: OPP Intelligence Talkgroups & Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario Talkgroups.

All information appearing here was monitored on a BCD396T.

Cayuga Fleetnet Tower

Cayuga Fleetnet Tower (Site #11) is located in the village of Cayuga in the city of Haldimand County just to the west of the Grand River off Talbot Road, Highway #3.

What you will hear

All policing in Haldimand is provided by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP. You will hear 'action' on the following talkgroup dispatched by the comm centre in London: T/G 8288 OPS 06 Haldimand 6 Charlie units police regular Haldimand activity and 6 Quebec units police the Ist Nations Reserves in Haldimand.

While it has been quiet lately in Caledonia, a community in the city along Highway 6 and the Grand River there have been confrontations between natives and Caledonia residents, enough to warrant activity on some of the OPP Tac Channels.

You will hear on occasion calls on either the Niagara 5 Golf or Burlington 5 Charlie talkgroups covering incidents on the Provincial Highways in the Niagara Region, Halton Region and in the City of Hamilton. These units are dispatched by Orillia.

T/G8672 1OPS39 Burlington 5Charlie T/G8736 1OPS43 Niagara 5Golf

EMS services are dispatched by the Hamilton CACC. All Haldimand, Norfolk County and Brant/Brantford EMS activity are heard on the talkgroup listed here:


Because of its location you will generally hear activity in the City of Hamilton on the following talkgroups:

T/G 35600 HAM CITY E T/G 35696 HAM TAC 4

You will also hear occasional activity off the Niagara CACC.


Cayuga's signal is 'blocked' somewhat by the Niagara Escarpment, called the Mountain in Hamilton. I can 'get' the tower generally at a decent strength from by home base in Burlington. Coverage greatly increases as one goes closer to the tower and on the escarpment/mountain.

Deprecated Talkgroups in Wellington County

Wellington County Fire Talkgroups

DEC 	HEX 	Mode  	Alpha Tag	Description						Status
21136	529	D	CWFD Fergus	Centre Wellington Fire Department - Fergus 		Deprecated 
21104	527	D	CWFR Elora	Elora Fire Department - Hillsburgh Station 		Deprecated 
21120	528	D	EFES		Erin Fire and Emergency Services 			Deprecated 
21248	530	D	GEFS RVFD	Guelph/Eramosa Fire Service - Rockwood Volunteers  	Deprecated, but voice comms can still be heard
21168	52b	D	HFD/GFDPatch	Hillsburgh Fire Patch to Guelph Fire Dispatch 		Deprecated 
21088	526	D	MFR Drayton	Mapleton Fire and Rescue - Drayton Station 		Deprecated 
21184	52c	D	MFR Moorefld	Mapleton Fire and Rescue - Moorefield Fire 		Deprecated 
21072	525	D	MFD Clifford	Minto Fire Department - Clifford Station 		Deprecated 
21152	52a	D	MFDHarriston	Minto Fire Department - Harriston Fire 			Deprecated 
21216	52e	D	MFD Palmrstn	Minto Fire Department - Palmerston Station 		Deprecated 
21232	52f	D	PF/R		Puslinch Township Fire and Rescue 			Deprecated 
21056	524	D	WNFS Arthur	Wellington North Fire Services - Arthur Station 	Deprecated 
21200	52d	D	WNFS Mt Frst	Wellington North Fire Services - Mount Forest Station 	Deprecated

Guelph Emergency Services Talkgroups

DEC 	HEX 	Mode  	Alpha Tag	Description				Status 
288	012	DE	GPS - CET	Police - Coordinated Enforcement Team  	Deprecated 
304	013	DE	GPS - CET	Police - Coordinated Enforcement Team 	Deprecated 
320	014	DE	GPS OPS1	Police Operations 1 			Deprecated 
336	015	DE	GPS OPS2	Police Operations 2 			Deprecated 
352	016	DE	GPS OPS3	Police Operations 3 			Deprecated 
368	017	DE	GPS TAC1	Police Tactical 1 			Deprecated 
384	018	DE	GPS TAC2	Police Tactical 2 			Deprecated 
400	019	DE	GFS OPS1	Fire Operations 1 			Deprecated 
416	01a	DE	GFS TAC1	Fire Tactical 1 			Deprecated 
432	01b	DE	GFS TAC2	Fire Tactical 2 			Deprecated 
448	01c	DE	Guelph MA	Mutual Aid 				Deprecated 

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