Florida Unidentified Federal Frequencies

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Lists all the Florida Federal Frequencies for which the assignment/purpose is unknown/not-yet-confirmed, as submitted by the members.

In general, data in any Wiki article:

  • might not be accurate. Members are encouraged to validate and edit the articles.
  • should be used to supplement the data in our Frequency Database.

The following frequencies are not listed in the database in a way that corresponds to the location where they were heard. If you can confirm any of them please submit the information and remove them from this list.

  • 162.0625 P25 LE/Security activity concerning alarms, running tags and IDs, locations include Main Gate, South, 91, 95, 96 Possible Units Link02 and Link03 Heard in Volusia County
  • 162.3250 P25 mentioned vessels anchored fishing Possibly USCG NET 111 but location unknown Heard in Volusia County
  • 162.7500 P25 LE/Security activity checking buildings and alarms Units 2, 4, 5, 9 Locations mentioned Bldg 210, 216, commercial gate, main gate, South India Bunkers Heard in Volusia County
  • 164.5375 P25 LE/Security officer activity Dispatch Unit 7 unlocking buildings, at front gate, check gate 15 Heard in Volusia County
  • 164.9250 P25 LE/Security activity running tags and IDs, security and perimeter checks, Unit 6 enroute to bunkers Heard in Volusia County
  • 167.2125 P25 voice Heard in Volusia County
  • 171.1875 P25 voice Heard in Volusia County
  • 172.1500 P25 voice Possibly TSA at KDAB airport Heard in Volusia County
  • 173.9375 P25 voice Heard in Volusia County
  • 406.5625 P25 voice Can't tell if this may be USCG or a trunked USAF freq Heard in Volusia County
  • 410.0000 P25 voice Not sure if trunked or not Heard in Volusia County
  • 410.2500 ??? not sure if encrypted, data or trunked Heard in Volusia County
  • 411.0750 P25 Sounded like LE running tags Heard in Volusis County
  • 418.7500 NFM Following a car on I-4 Possibly DEA Ch 3 Heard in Volusia County

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