Franklin County (GA)

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Unit Numbering Scheme

Franklin County

County Fire

County Fire Departments and City of Carnesville are 5xx and 5xxx units. The second digit is the station number. Station numbers are listed below with paging tones.


EMS units are 59x and 59xx. EMS Director is 591 and EMS Shift Supervisors are 592, 593, and 594. Other EMS officers are assigned call numbers for when filling in as supervisor or responding off-duty.

Law Enforcement

Franklin County Sheriff's Office units are all 6xx. 600 is the Sheriff's Office/Jail. 601A is the Sheriff.



Royston Fire units are 130-199.

Law Enforcement

Royston PD units are 1xx. 100 is Royston PD and 101 is the Chief.



Lavonia Fire units are 225-299.

Law Enforcement

Lavonia PD units are 2xx. 200 is Lavonia PD and 201 is the Chief.

Franklin Springs


Franklin Springs Fire units are 331-399.

Law Enforcement

Franklin Springs PD units are 3xx. 300 is Franklin Springs PD and 301 is the Chief.



Canon Fire units are 430-499.

Law Enforcement

Canon PD units are 4xx. 400 is Canon PD and 401 is the Chief.

Franklin County Fire/Rescue Departments and Paging Tones

Countywide All Call

Tones: Long:553.9

Gumlog Fire Department Station 1

4434 Gumlog Road Lavonia, GA Tones: A:553.9 B:584.8

Carnesville Fire Department Station 2

9265 Lavonia Road Carnesville, GA Tones: A:553.9 B:617.4

Red Hill Fire Department Station 3

13730 Highway 106 Carnesville, GA Tones: Long:651.9

Bold Spring Fire & Rescue Station 4

331 Bold Springs Church Road Carnesville, GA Fire Tones: Long:688.3 Rescue Tones: A:584.8 B:688.3

Double Churches Fire Department Station 5

4747 Highway 198 Carnesville, GA Tones: A:726.8 B:553.9

Sandy Cross Fire Department Station 6

3058 Sandy Cross Road Royston, GA Tones: A:767.4 B:553.9

Line Fire & Rescue Station 7

545 Pleasant Hill Circle Martin, GA Fire Tones: Long:810.2 Rescue Tones: A:553.9 B:810.2

Five Area Fire Department Station 8

10 Burroughs Road Canon, GA Tones: A:855.5 B:553.9

Royston Fire & Rescue

435 Bowers Street Royston, GA Fire Tones: A:330.5 B:349.0 Rescue Tones: Long:330.5

Lavonia Fire Department (On their own Frequency)

12221 Augusta Road Lavonia, GA Fire Tones: A:539.0 B:634.5 General Message Tones: A:539.0 B:669.9 First Responder Tones: A:539.0 B:600.9 Bay Doors Tones: A:358.6 B:339.6

Franklin Springs Fire Department

2525 West Main Street Franklin Springs, GA Tones: A:903.2 B:553.9

Canon Fire Department

199 Depot Street Canon, GA Tones: A:349.0 B:553.9

Franklin County EMS Stations and Paging Tones

Station 1 Franklin Springs

2525 West Main Street Franklin Springs, GA A:339.6 B:321.7

Station 2 Lavonia

A:358.6 B:321.7

Station 3 Double Churches

A:378.6 B:321.7

Station 4/Headquarters Carnesville

9265 Lavonia Road Carnesville, GA A:399.8 B:321.7

Franklin County First Responders Paging Tones

Zone/Station 1

A:584.8 B:810.2

Zone/Station 2

A:584.8 B:855.5

Zone/Station 3

A:584.8 B:903.2

Zone/Station 4

A:617.4 B:553.9