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Franklin County, Ohio
County Number 25
OSP District 6 (Columbus)
OSP Post Columbus Metro Post
21 (Delaware)
23 (Lancaster)
45 (Granville)
49 (West Jefferson)
65 (Circleville)
ODOT District 6 (Delaware)
MARCS Zone 1
NWS Office Wilmington
FIPS Code 39049

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Government Communications


Most agencies use MARCS-IP.

Cities of Dublin, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, and Worthington

Dublin (Washington Twp. Fire), Hilliard (Norwich Twp. Fire), City of Upper Arlington, and the City of Worthington, all suburbs of Columbus, are located in northwestern Franklin County, and operate with Delaware County as part of the Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System.

RR Database listing for Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System

City of Grove City

Grove City, a suburb of Columbus, is located in southwestern Franklin County. In partnership with Franklin County, MARCS-IP is the system currently used by their Police and City Services Departments. Grove City Police also dispatches fire/rescue/EMS and service departments for Jackson Township (Grove City area), Pleasant Township (Darbydale and SW Franklin County), and Prairie Township (Lincoln Village and western Franklin County).

RR Database listing for MARCS-IP

THE Ohio State University

THE Ohio State University uses MARCS-IP for police, hospital security, and most other operations on campus.

RR Database listing for MARCS-IP

Law Enforcement

County Police patrol unit numbers

Unit numbers Department Location Dispatch freq/TG Dispatched By
1x Sheriff Northwest Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Self
2x Sheriff Northeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Self
3x Sheriff Southwest Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Self
4x Sheriff Southeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Self
160-169 Perry Twp Northwest Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Sheriff
200-229 Clinton Twp Northeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
230-249 Mifflin Twp Northeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
250-269 Minerva Park Northeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
260-269 Sharon Twp North Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Sheriff
270-295 Blendon Twp Northeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
300-319 Franklin Twp Southwest Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Sheriff
320-329 Valleyview Southwest Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Sheriff
330-345 Harrisburg Southwest Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61030 (SO25WEST) Sheriff
400-419 Groveport Southeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
420-424? Brice Traffic Trap Southeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17588 (BRICE) Self, sort of
425-439 Obetz Southeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
440-459 Madison Twp Southeast Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61033 (SO25EAST) Sheriff
? Bexley Bexley Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17548 (BXPDDSP) Self
? Capital University Bexley Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61284 (CUPD DSP) Self
? Columbus State Community College Columbus Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17536 (CSCC PD) Self
101-109 Dublin Sergeants Dublin COIRS TG 20001 (DUB PTL1) Self
110-170 Dublin Officers Dublin COIRS TG 20001 (DUB PTL1) Self
180-185 Dublin Corporals Dublin COIRS TG 20001 (DUB PTL1) Self
Varies Franklin County Metro Parks Countywide Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61346 (METPKDSP) Self
? Gahanna Gahanna Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17515 (GAH DISP) Self
? Grandview Heights Grandview Heights Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17571 (GHPD-DSP) Self
6xx Hilliard Hilliard COIRS TG 20072 (HIL PTL1) Self
? Reynoldsburg Reynoldsburg Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61259 (RPD DSP) Self
? New Albany New Albany Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17563 (NAPD-DSP) Self
5x Upper Arlington Upper Arlington COIRS TG 20122 (UA PTL1) Self
? Westerville Westerville Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57404 (WST PDSP) Self
? Whitehall Whitehall Ohio MARCS-IP TG 17562 (WHPDDSP) Self
3xx Worthington Worthington COIRS TG 20040 (WOR PTL1) Self


  • A Sheriff unit preceded by T (T10, T32 etc) indicates a Township contract car.
  • Dublin Police Communications Technicians/Incident Dispatchers - 1T77 to 1T99
  • Dublin Police Lieutenants/Bureau Director - 1L1 to 1L3
  • Dublin Police Chief - 1A1
  • Hilliard Police ranks add alpha character after the 6 (ie: 6A1 or 6S22)
  A = Administration
  C = Civilian
  D = Detective/SIU
  K = Canine
  L = Lieutenant
  R = Reserve
  S = Sergeant
  T = Technician

County Radio Codes

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office uses the BSSA codes and signals, as well as the following clearance codes. These codes are used by the Franklin County Sheriff, as well as the agencies dispatched by them - Blendon Twp, Clinton Twp, Groveport, Madison Twp, Mifflin Twp, Minerva Park, Obetz. Perry Twp and Sharon Twp. They are also used by Dublin, Gahanna, and New Albany, which have their own dispatch centers as well as their own clearance codes.

Clearance codes

  • A - Party Advised
  • B - Citation issued and/or arrest made
  • C - Complaint unfounded
  • D - Handled by other agency
  • I - Vehicle/property impounded
  • M - Miscellaneous clearance
  • R - Report taken

Columbus Police

Radio codes

Note: These codes are used by the following police departments in Franklin County - Columbus, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Whitehall, Worthington, and THE Ohio State University.

Code Meaning Code Meaning
10-3 Officer In Trouble 10-34 Nature unknown
10-4 Property damage accident 10-34A Panic alarm
10-4A Property damage hit-skip 10-34B 911 hang-up call
10-5 Injury accident 10-34C Check on well being
10-5A Injury hit-skip 10-35 OVI complaint
10-6 Traffic violator 10-36 Street obstruction
10-6A Auto obstructing 10-37 Official or visitor
10-6B Parking complaint 10-38 Property destruction in progress
10-7 Burglary report 10-38A Property destruction report
10-8 Burglary in progress 10-39 Prowler
10-8A Burglary alarm 10-40 Recovered Property
10-8B B&E in progress - vacant structure 10-41 Robbery just occurred
10-9 Fraudulant documents in progress 10-41A Robbery report
10-10A Bomb threat or suspicious package found 10-42 Robbery in progress
10-11 Stolen file check 10-42A Robbery alarm
10-12 Registration check 10-43 Shooting
10-13 Driving record check 10-43A Shots fired
10-14 Cutting or stabbing 10-43B Shots fired/hunters
10-15 Call home 10-44 Sex crime in progress
10-16 Disturbance 10-44A Sex crime report
10-16A Information/assistance 10-44B Indecent exposure
10-16B Disturbance/mental 10-45 Stolen vehicle
10-16C Loud music 10-45A Stolen vehicle recovered
10-16F Fireworks 10-46 Stranded motorist
10-17 Domestic violence 10-47 Suicide
10-17A Domestic dispute 10-47A Suicide attempt
10-17B Domestic - standby for clothing 10-48 Suspicious vehicle
10-18 DOA 10-48A Suspicious person
10-19 Intoxicated person 10-48G Suspected threat group activity
10-20 Drowning 10-49 Vice complaint
10-22 Animal complaint 10-49A Narcotics complaint
10-23 Errand 10-50 Warrant or wanted person
10-23A Escort 10-50A Felony warrant or wanted felon
10-23B Emergency lockout 10-50B Registered felon, not wanted
10-24 Squad/Medic requested 10-51 Prisoner transport
10-24A Infectious / contagious disease 10-52 Wrecker run
10-25 Fire 10-54 Traffic control
10-25A Trash fire 10-55 House watch
10-26 Fight 10-55A Park, walk, talk (foot patrol)
10-27 Assault or assault report 10-55B Bail bondsman
10-27A Telephone harassment 10-56 Request for meal break
10-28 Homicide 10-57 Request for assistance - backup
10-29 Juvenile complaint 10-58 Guard duty
10-30 Theft in progress 10-60 Emergency response (light/siren)
10-30A Theft report
10-30B Shoplifter
10-31 Missing person
10-31A Missing person returned
10-32 Message
10-33 Person with gun
10-33A Person with knife

Clearance Disposition Codes

  • Code 1 - Report and/or citation
  • Code 1A - False alarm report taken
  • Code 2 - Party advised or No report needed
  • Code 3 - Arrest made
  • Code 4 - Non-arrest situation / Errand complete

Any disposition code followed by the letter "V" indicates that the incident was recorded on video.

Columbus PD Precinct maps



Department Unit numbers Location Dispatch freq/TG Dispatched By
Columbus FD 1-34 Columbus Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Self
Grandview Heights FD 50 Grandview Heights Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Columbus
Clinton Township FD 60 NE Columbus Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Columbus
Upper Arlington FD 70 Upper Arlington COIRS TG 20033 (NW ALERT) Dublin
Norwich Township FD 80 Hilliard COIRS TG 20033 (NW ALERT) Dublin
Washington Township FD 90 Dublin COIRS TG 20033 (NW ALERT) Dublin
Worthington FD 100 Worthington COIRS TG 20056 (WOR DISP) Self
Westerville FD 110 Westerville Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57394 (WST FDISP) Self
Minerva Park VFD (EMS only) 119 Minerva Park Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Columbus
Plain Township FD 120 New Albany Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57372 (MEC CNTR) MEC Center
Mifflin Township FD 130 Gahanna Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57372 (MEC CNTR) MEC Center
Jefferson Township FD 140 Blacklick Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57372 (MEC CNTR) MEC Center
Whitehall FD 150 Whitehall Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57372 (MEC CNTR) MEC Center
DSCC Fire 154 Columbus DLAN Sys 13A TG 2200 (DSCC FD) Self
Truro Township FD 160 Reynoldsburg Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57372 (MEC CNTR) MEC Center
Hamilton Township FD 170 Obetz, Lockbourne Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Columbus
Madison Township FD 180 Groveport, Canal Winchester Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Columbus
Franklin Township FD 190 SW Columbus Ohio MARCS-IP TG 57002 (10 FIRE) Columbus
Jackson Township FD 200 Grove City Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61080 (SW ALERT) Grove City
Pleasant Township FD 230 Darbydale Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61080 (SW ALERT) Grove City
Prairie Township FD 240 Lincoln Village Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61080 (SW ALERT) Grove City
Port Columbus ARFF 400 Columbus Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61182 (CMH ARFF) Self
Rickenbacker ARFF/OANG 220 Lockbourne Ohio MARCS-IP TG 61185 (LCK ARFF)

OANG Base UHF Simplex


Note: Cxx numbers (C-8, C-14, etc) are used by Box 15 units communicating with area fire departments. The Box 15 Club, a non-profit volunteer group, owns and operates the rehab vehicles which respond to extended incidents such as multiple-alarm fires and hazmat responses to provide firefighter rehab services.

Pager tones

  • Note: use of most of these pager tones has been discontinued since the move to P25 digital.
Department Frequency Tone A Tone B
Grandview Heights 855.7375 433.7 330.5
Hamilton Twp all-call Trunked 950.0 1180.0
Hamilton Twp 171 Trunked 950.0 1232.0
Hamilton Twp 172 Trunked 950.0 834.0
Prairie Twp 241 Trunked 1820.0 1669.0
Prairie Twp 243 Trunked 382.0 834.0
Central Ohio Severe Weather Net (old) 146.760 368.5 600.9
Central Ohio Severe Weather Net 146.760 600.9 979.9
Upper Arlington 71 Trunked DTMF 71
Upper Arlington 72 Trunked DTMF 72
Upper Arlington 73 Trunked DTMF 73
Norwich Twp all-call Trunked 672.0
Norwich Twp all-call Trunked 900.2? 643.0
Washington Twp all-call Trunked 539.0
Washington Twp 91 Trunked 539.0 615.8
Washington Twp 92 Trunked 539.0 368.5
Washington Twp 93 Trunked 539.0 716.1
Washington Twp 95 Trunked 539.0 510.5
Jackson Twp all-call Trunked 569.1
Jackson Twp 201 Trunked 569.1 600.9
Jackson Twp 202 Trunked 569.1 634.5
Jackson Twp 203 Trunked 569.1 669.9
Pleasant Twp all-call Trunked 600.9
Pleasant Twp station call Trunked 600.9 634.5

Radio codes

  • Signal O - "Oh" Last fire unit leaving scene
  • Signal E - Emergency response requested
  • Signal X - Non-emergency response requested
  • Code 1 - Victim/patient deceased

Note: These codes are used in Franklin County and most of Central Ohio. Some agencies in Central Ohio make occasional use of the BSSA Sheriffs codes, although this is slowly being discontinued in favor of Incident Command System and NFPA recommendations for plain language.

Ohio State University

Unit numbers

  • 1XX - Dept. of Public Safety administrative personnel/dispatchers
    • 101 - Director of Department for Public Safety
    • 106 - Director of OSU Emergency Management
  • 2XX - Police leadership
    • 201 - Chief of Police
    • 202 - Assistant Chief of Police
    • 21X - Police Captains
    • 23X - Police Lieutenants
  • 3XX - Police officers
    • 320 and 353 - K9-1 and K9-2, respectively
  • 4XX - Student Safety Services
    • 400 - Student Safety Services dispatch
    • 401 - Director of Student Safety Services
    • 412 - (PD) Special Duty (overtime) Coordinator
  • 5XX - Hospital security officers
    • 50X - Director of Hospital Security
    • 540 and 541 - hospital parking officers (work closely with T&P)
  • 6XX - Traffic and Parking
    • 600 - Director of Transportation & Parking Services
    • 601 - Associate Director of Transportation and Parking Services
    • 602 - Assistant Director of Transportation and Parking Services
    • 603 to 609 - Enforcement supervisors
    • 61X and 62X - Enforcement officers
    • 63X, 64X, and 65X - Maintenance
    • 67X, 68X, and 69X - Pay facilities
    • 690 - Traffic & Parking dispatch
  • 7XX - Full-time Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) bus drivers
    • 701 - CABS handivan dispatch
    • 702 to 709 - Supervisors
  • 8XX, 9XX - Student CABS bus drivers
    • 800 - Unofficial number for calling "base", i.e. any supervisor
    • 801 and 802 - Service crew supervisors (students)
    • 803 to 805 - Student trainers
    • 806 to 809 - Student supervisors
  • 9XX - Security and Fire Prevention
    • 900 - University Central Alarm Center
    • 910 - Wexner Center Security dispatch
    • 91X - Wexner Center Security supervisors

Police Department

  • "50R" refers to Blankenship Hall (OSU police station) (e.g. "331 is 50R" means that the officer with unit number 331 is at Blankenship.)
  • "861R" refers to Moody Hall (OSU Emergency Management and Fire Prevention, as well as Columbus Division of Police Precinct 4 Substation and Community Crime Patrol HQ)
  • OSUPD 10-codes are nearly identical to Columbus Division of Police 10-codes.

Transportation and Parking Services

  • Traffic and Parking uses OSUPD 10-codes with a few minor modifications.
  • The Campus Area Bus Service uses its own 8-code system:
    • 8-4 is affirmative/understood
    • 8-6 is out of service
    • 8-7 is in service
    • 8-8 is a request to repeat the last transmission
    • 8-9 is a lunch break
    • 8-20 is a unit's current location
    • 8-33 is an emergency (life-threatening)
    • 8-50 is an accident without injuries
    • 8-51 is an accident with injuries
    • 8-100 is a suspicious person

Hospital Security

  • Hospital security uses its own set of 10-codes which do not correspond with PD's codes.

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Franklin County Map

Franklin County Ohio Map.png

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