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This screen is used to edit your GPS coordinates in FreeSCAN.

You can use geocoding to find an unknown coordinate. There are several ways to do this. If you know the postal code, simply enter it and click on Google Lookup to find the Lat/Long coordinates. You can then click on View In Google to confirm that this is the area you are interested in.

You can also search by entering city, state, and country, however these fields are not always mandatory. For example, in the case of famous land marks such as Disney World Florida or the Grand Canyon, only a basic description is needed.

Another example: You want to look up Microsoft's location. Rather then dig up the address, you can simply enter "microsoft seattle" in the street field and FreeSCAN will look up the rest. Capitalization does not matter.

Make sure you only enter either a zip code OR street/state/country. In some cases, you may receive a message indicating that FreeSCAN is unable to connect to Google even though you are sure your Internet connection is working. In this case, just try again. It may also be an indication that your search is too broad and FreeSCAN is receiving multiple locations, in which case you should narrow down your parameters.

Note: Although the coordinates are entered in Degree format, there is an internal conversion to DMS, which is the format the GPS-enabled scanners use. So although the two sets of figures might not match when you look on the edit screen, they still point to the correct location.