Freescan Bugs and Issues

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This page will be utilized to capture bugs and issues in the latest beta of FreeScan to support development in an open source environment. Feel free to add snapshots and any other data that will explain how to recreate the bug. The more detail that is provided, the more precise the solution

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  • Issue: The trunk system warnings when using the RRDB import function are outdated
    • if you try to import a system with a type that isn't supported, you will get a warning message, but the import will still continue. Note that Freescan may currently not have the capability to check for NXDN or DMR/MOTOTRBO systems but these should be warned as well as ProVoice (which it currently does issue a warning). The P2 scanners are the only ones that can handle these system types with the proper firmware upgrades.

  • Issue: Various import functions allow downloading of frequencies and systems that are not trackable or scannable
    • In cases where a trunk system type is untrackable (i.e. Open Sky, iDen) Freescan issues a warning but allows the import to continue. In such cases, the import should terminate with a warning, as these protocols can't be tracked or decoded.
    • In cases where a trunk system type can't be trunked, but it can be scanned conventionally, Freescan will issue a warning, but still try to build a trunked system for it. These types include LTR Multinet, LTR-Passport, MPT-1327 and TETRA.
      • Suggestion: In these cases, issue a warning and send the user either to the RRDB conventional import (with the frequencies loaded), or load these frequencies into EZ-Grab. Either one will allow the user to configure the system the way they want.
      • Examples

FreeScan will issue a warning about using a special table for loading a P25 system when it isn't needed

  • This is a long standing bug that confuses a lot of people. A true P25 system carries all the information it needs in the control channel, so this message is erroneous

When there is a change made of any kind, if you go to open a new file it usually happens about 1/2 the time go to close it or open a file, it won't open a pop up asking to save changes. Other 1/2 the time is if you just open a file and don't do anything, go to close it or open a file, it will ask to save changes when there were no changes made.

When programming at least seen in 396T's that dont have the capability to utilize priority on any trunked radio type, the priority will be sent to the radio. It shows as a P on the display, but wont function as priority.

Have a user option under 'Edit' and 'Preferences', a checkbox to have the ability to always open and save to a folder of your choice. If you open or save to another folder, the next time its used, it will look back at the last folder that was used instead.

The Canadian SAME codes link is incorrect. Change it to

The noaa same link needs to be changed to

New trunked system defaults to ID Search, should be ID Scan

Add ability to sort by clicking on say frequency, display, talkgroup, etc. headers

Look at the mostly cosmetic updates under my name their of Ronski - and at