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EZ-Grab is a utility designed to bring in frequencies with alpha tags, tones, and other information into FreeSCAN with only a few clicks of the mouse. You can import from such sources as web pages, Excel, other scanner software, or CSV files. You can even bring in frequencies from paper magazine publications by scanning them using an optical scanner, then using OCR software to translate it into text, then copying the text to the clipboard and bringing it into EZ-Grab. As long as the data is formatted consistently, EZ-Grab will allow you to take frequency information from just about anywhere and import it without spending hours retyping.

  1. In the tree area (can be anywhere, but this is a convienient reference point), right click then click on 'Create System'
  2. Give the new system a type and name
  3. Freescan will allocate an empty system
  4. Go to the desired webpage (RadioReference in this case) and highlight the desired data to be copied. Hit 'Edit/Copy' or right click and copy. It is recommended to use Firefox as it gives more consistent results over Internet Explorer.
  5. Hit the 'EZ Grab' button found at the center of the image for the new system
  6. Set up your options as desired. If you are copying from RadioReference or using FireFox, keep the Auto tab function clicked
  7. Hit the 'Copy from Clipboard' button at the bottom left
  8. Each column has a pulldown to label it. EZ Grab will attempt to 'guess' at what each column is meant to represent, but it is suggested that you review this to make sure it has guessed correctly. If it is left as 'ignore', the column will not be imported. When complete, hit the 'Import to FreeScan' button
    1. When getting NAC data, you have the option of stating whether the data is hex or decimal. It will convert to hex when necessary. EZ-Grab will also set the audio type to digital if it finds a valid NAC
  9. The results are displayed above

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