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Alert Lights & Colours

For portable XT scanners, to assign an alert light to a channel, select a color for it first, other than "Off". Even if you only have a monochrome display, you need to select a color other then Off, or else the alert light is considered to be "Off" regardless of flash pattern.


Individual Call wildcards can be entered in FreeSCAN by creating a TGID channel with the TGID being set to i0 .This works with all scanners supported by FreeSCAN. You do need to create one for every system you wish to monitor for iCalls without being in ID Search mode.

Operating Outside North America

In some countries, you may notice that all your frequencies get rounded off. For example, 152.6250 becomes 152.0000. This can happen during either uploading or downloading. The reason is because different local standards define the period as being a comma in some cases, and because of the role commas play in the programming of these scanners, frequencies become cut off at the decimal point. To work around this, go to Control Panel and open up Regional Settings. Click on Customize and change the decimal symbol to a period. Restart FreeScan for changes to take effect.

P25 system in an analog radio

FreeSCAN will not allow you to upload a fully digital P25 system to an analog scanner since these scanners have no chance of being able to track these systems. Attempting to upload a P25 system to an analog scanner might lead to errors.

Most recently downloaded

When you bring up the download window, it will preserve the system names of previous detected systems. If you have made any changes whatsoever to your scanner's programming since last bringing up this list, you should reclick on Queue System List before downloading. This is because the system index IDs will shift around inside the scanner's memory when you make changes, and if FreeSCAN doesn't get an updated list then it will not be able to download the systems.

File Formats

In order to support the many new features in the XT scanners, the file format has been changed in .7B. You can still load all of your old files, however, files saved with this version cannot be opened with previous versions.

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