Frisco P25 Unknown Talkgroups

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Unidentified/Unconfirmed Talkgroups

The following talkgroups are not listed in the databse. If you can confirm any of them please submit the information and remove them from this list.

Mode: D=P25 digital clear, T=P25 Phase 2 digital clear, E=P25 digital encrypted, M=clear & encrypted, ?=unknown

TGID Mode Description
  24 E    Unknown Encrypted
 100 D    Unknown
 305 D    something related to flagging traffic around construction
 306 D    Unknown
 307 D    Could be sewers or storm drains (talking about flushing a line)
 310 D    Unknown - "Radio Check"
 317 D    Unknown
 318 D    Parks Department? (talking about sprinklers and adjusting them)
 322 D    Unknown
 407 E    Unknown Encrypted
 415 D    Unknown Prosper Fire (Mutual Aid with Celina?)
 425 D    Unknown Prosper Fire (Locution Dispatches being heard on this channel)
 426 D    Unknown Prosper Fire
 427 D    Unknown Prosper Fire 
 450 D    Unknown