Fulton County Public Safety P25 System Users

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Fulton County Police Deparment (FCPD)
Fulton County Sheriffs Office (FCSO)
Fulton County Marshall (FCM)
Johns Creek Police (JCPD)
City of South Fulton Police (SFPD)
College Park Police Deparment (ClgPk PD)
Hapeville Police Department (Hapeville PD)
South Cities Police Department{SCities PD)


Fulton County Fire Department (FCPD)
Johns Creek Fire Department (JCFD)
College Park Fire Deparment (ClgPk FD)
Hapeville Fire Department (Hapeville FD)


  • AMR North 911
  • AMR Interfacility


Fulton County Animal Control
Atlanta Metro College

Police Codes

Most police codes are in line with those used by Alpharetta/Milton which are listed here

Known Codes/Signals

28 - Drunk/Intoxicated
31 - Car Crash(?)
89 - Status Check

Unknown Codes


1, (JCPD)
2, (AMR), (To Dispatch) "Show me in Code 2"
3, (JCPD) (Scities) (SFPD), "Show me in Code 3"
5, (JCPD) (SCities), "Im Code 10 (Status Ok) show me back in Code 5"
9, (JCPD), (SFPD)
26, (SCities)
29, (Scities)
34, (?)
39, (Scities)
41, (FCFD)
72 (Scities) (ClgPk)
99, (Scities)

Fulton County

Fulton County Police Department

Fulton County Police covers all of Fulton County but is mostly present in the unincorporated areas of the county where no city has jurisdiction.
Police Vehicles
Patrol - Dodge Charger / Ford Tarus (not common)
Police Stations

Fulton County Fire Department

Fulton County Fire dispatches for the City of South Fulton (1-19), Fairburn (20s), Palmetto (30s), Union City (40s), and Chattahoochee Hills (50s) fire departments, as well as Grady EMS ambulances that handle EMS transport in South Fulton County, the City of South Fulton, Fairburn, Palmetto, Union City, and Chattahoochee Hills. Grady EMS ambulances that handle EMS transport in the City of Atlanta, College Park, East Point, and Hapeville are dispatched directly by Grady EMS on the Grady EMS channels on the Atlanta Public Safety P25 trunked radio system.
Fire Stations
  • Station 1
    • 5165 Welcome All Road College Park, GA 30349
  • Station 2
    • 4121 Cascade Road SW Atlanta, GA 30331
  • Station 3
    • 4035 Stonewall Tell Road College Park, GA 30349
  • Station 5
    • 3175 Bethsaida Road Fairburn, GA 30213
  • Station 7
    • 5965 Buffington Road College Park, GA 30349
  • Station 11
    • 4760 Fulton Industrial Boulevard Atlanta, GA 30336
  • Station 13
    • 5890 Plummer Road Atlanta, GA 30336
  • Station 17
    • 8675 Ridge Road Fairburn, GA 30213
  • Station 19
    • 3965 Aero Drive Atlanta, GA 30336

Fulton County Marshall

Fulton County Sheriffs Office

Fulton County Animal Control

Johns Creek

Johns Creek Police Department

Police Vehicles

Patrol - Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Explorer. Patrol - (older cars) - Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Crown Victoria. K9 Unit - Ford Explorer.

Police Stations
Police HQ
11360 Lakefield Dr, Johns Creek, GA 30097
Presinct 1
3005 Old Alabama Rd Suite 160, Alpharetta, GA 30022

Johns Creek Fire Department