Gonzales County (TX)

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The Belmont VFD is dispatched off of the EMS West channel. They also communicate off of this channel.

The Nixon/Smiley PD units are dispatched by the Gonzales Sheriff's Department. (7XX units)

The Gonzales Police Department and Gonzales Fire Department are in the process of moving to the LCRA Trunked system. The Fire Department currently has a talk group on the system and uses it as a tactical channel.

Gonzales County Unit Numbers

  • 1xx - Gonzales Police Department
  • 350-399 - Gonzales Fire Department Units
  • 4xx - Nixon Fire Department
  • 6xx - Gonzales County Sheriffs Office/ Gonzales County Constables Units
  • 2xx - Belmont Volunteer Fire Department Units
  • 7xx - Nixon/Smiley Sheriff Units
  • 8xx - Gonzales County EMS/Rescue Units
  • 9xx - Wealder Police Department
  • 6C10XX - DPS Units
  • Rescue Three - (The main rescue truck used for wrecks, EMS Station Gonzales)
  • Medic One, Medic Two, Medic Three - (City of Gonzales Ambulances)
  • Medic Four - (Nixon/Smiley Ambulance)
  • Medic Six - (Wealder Ambulance)
  • Medic Five - (Nixon/Smiley Ambulance)
  • TacXX - Wealder Fire Department

Gonzales County Pager Tones

  • Gonzales EMS - 330.5
  • Gonzales Rescue - 368.5
  • Belmont VFD - 389.0