Grady County (OK)

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Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Grady County is in OHP Troop G's service area.


DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
44176  ac9  OHP G-Comm  Lawton Dispatch - G-Comm 
44208  acb  OHP G-Ops  Lawton Operations - G-Ops 
44848  af3  OHP G Bailey Ops  H.E. BaileyTurnpike Ops 
44880  af5  OHP G BaileyTP 2  H.E. Bailey Turnpike 2 

Low Band and Relays

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
44.70000  KKC888   BM  77.0 PL  OHP Low Band 1 Low Band Side 1  FM  Law Dispatch 

Unit Designators

Law Enforcement

Department Units Dispatch Frequency
Alex PD Central-6x County 155.1300
Amber PD Central-8x County 155.1300
Chickasha PD 3xx OKWIN 59824
Grady SO* 26xx County 155.1300 (some on OKWIN 60016)
Minco PD Central-3x County 155.1300
Ninnekah PD Central-5x County 155.1300
Rush Springs PD Central-7x County 155.1300
Tuttle PD 2xx Tuttle 155.9325
Verden PD Central-4x County 155.1300

The new Grady County Sheriff has moved back to using the VHF channel 155.1300 & some OKWIN for dispatch. The small towns that County dispatches are still on the VHF channel.

Grady County Dispatch uses 3 repeaters on 155.1300 to cover the whole county. They all use input 159.105 with different DPL's. North 125, Central 261 & South 315.

Fire & EMS

Department Units Dispatch Frequency
Alex FD County 154.8150
Amber FD County 155.1525 (TRBO)
Bradley FD County 154.8150
Bridge Creek FD 4xx County 154.3400
Chickasha FD/EMS OKWIN 62000
Grady FD* 7xx County 154.8150
Minco FD 9xx County 154.8150
Ninnekah FD County 154.8150
Rush Springs FD/EMS County 154.8150
Tuttle FD/EMS 5xx & 6xx Tuttle 154.4000
Verden FD County 154.8150

GCFD has stations in Acme, Bailey, Cox City, Farwell, Friend, Harold, Naples, Pioneer & Pocasset. Many times these are referred to as individual departments, but they are all part of GCFD.

Grady County Dispatch uses 3 repeaters on 154.8150 to cover the whole county. They all use input 159.150 with different input tones.

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