Grand Traverse County (MI)

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Municipalities and Districts

Traverse City (City)

Traverse City Light and Power

Grand Traverse County

County Road Commission

  • WPDJ817 151.0250 MOTOTRBO TDMA Voice (7K60FXE)

Schools and Colleges

Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District

Reported as of 9-29-2020 Hearing LTR clicks as heard on an analog scanner. TBAISD Career Tech Center

  • WRFL882 462.2375, 462.3125
  • WQVE993 155.1075

Interlochen Center for the Arts (Performing Arts School)

  • Website
  • WPCT495 461.0750, 461.3750 Repeaters with Pagers
  • WPCT495 Mobiles on 463.3625, 463.8625
  • WQPA630 947.0000 500KF8W Aural Studio Link (at Moseley)


Munson Medical Center (Traverse City)

  • WPPA544 - 159.9150 Mobiles for Maintenance
  • WPPA862 - 154.5150 Base/Pagers for On-Site Paging
  • WPPD540 - 453.2500 Repeater for Ops
  • WPPX840 - 453.4000, 458.4000 FXO 4wt (possible link to 155.3400)

Codes and Unit Lists

County Public Safety

1-xx Dispatchers
2-xx Traverse City Police Department
3-xx Traverse City Fire Department
4-xx Traverse City Police Department
5-xx Grand Traverse Sheriff's Department Reservers
6-xx Grand Travers Fire Rural
7-xx Grand Travers Fire Metro
8-xx North Flight EMS
9-xx Grand Traverse Sheriff's Department
--968 heard on 156.2100 127.3 PL (Traffic Stop on 31 North; 6/08)
41-xx DNR CO's
71-xx MSP Traverse City
White-xx County Animal Control

County Fire Stations

*City Station 1: Front Street, Traverse City
*City Station 2: E 8th Street, Traverse City
*Metro Station 1: Industrial Circle, East Bay Township
*Metro Station 2: Acme Road, Acme
*Metro Station 9: High Lake Road, East Bay Township
*Metro Station 11: Albany Street, Traverse City
*Metro Station 12: Silver Lake Road, Traverse City
*Rural Station 2 (Paradise Emergency Services): M-113, Kingsley
*Rural Station 4: 10th Street, Interlochen
*Rural Station 5: 633 Road, Blair Township
*Rural Station 6: Morgan Street, Springfield Township
*Rural Station 7-1: Center Road, Peninsula Township
*Rural Station 7-2: 8150 Center Road, Peninsula Township
*Unknown Station: Williamsburg FD [Rural Station 1?]

Public Safety Channel Plan

Adam1 City Police Dispatch      155.7000 
Adam2 Sheriff Car2car Secondary 155.9250 
Adam3 Central Dispatch          156.2100 
Adam4 LEIN                      155.6700 
Adam5 North Flight EMS          155.1600 
Adam6 County Fire Dispatch      154.3550 
Adam7 Sheriff Car2car Secondary 158.8500 
Adam9 East Bay Fire             155.5200

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