Halifax County (NS) Regional Fire and Emergency

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After the creation of the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in 1996, all fire services within Halifax County came under one department, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency (HRFE).

The HRFE consists of six divisions, with divisions 2 and 3 covering the urban areas of Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford.

For an up to date list of stations and apparatus assignments, please see:


HRFE is dispatched from the HRM Integrated Emergency Services dispatch centre. A Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system allows the dispatchers to quickly determine the correct stations and apparatus to page out for a call. The initial page out is done on VHF using Motorola two-tone sequential paging on the following frequencies:

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.40000      VAC778   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Sackville site (for Halifax core stations)  FM  Fire Dispatch 
152.06000      XJG955   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Hammonds Plains and Oyster Pond sites  FM  Fire Dispatch 
152.18000      CIG518   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Preston site (for Dartmouth core stations)  FM  Fire Dispatch 
153.89000      XJH453   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Queensland and Preston sites  FM  Fire Dispatch 
154.13000      XJN917   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Chaswood and Tangier sites  FM  Fire Dispatch 
154.17500      XJI550   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Ecum Secum site  FM  Fire Dispatch 
154.28000      VCC718   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Prospect, Sheet Harbour and Shubenacadie sites  FM  Fire Dispatch 
154.41500      XJG928   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Middle Sackville site  FM  Fire Dispatch 
151.50500      XJF657   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Musquodoboit Harbour site  FM  Fire Dispatch 
866.61250  821.61250   VCC718   RM    HRFE Backup Rptr Prospect, Shubenacadie and Tangier backup repeaters  FM  Fire-Tac 
867.11250  822.11250   XJK412   RM    HRFE Backup Rptr Tantallon and Chaplin backup repeaters  FM  Fire-Tac 
867.61250  822.61250   VAC778   RM    HRFE Backup Rptr Sackville and Marinette backup repeaters  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.11250  823.11250   XJH453   RM    HRFE Backup Rptr Preston, Ecum Secum and Chaswood backup repeaters  FM  Fire-Tac 
866.47500  821.47500   CIG518   RM    HRFE Backup Rptr Preston backup repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.61250  823.61250   XJN916   RM    HRFE Backup Rptr Queensland and Musquodoboit Harbour backup repeaters  FM  Fire-Tac 
867.97500  822.97500     RM    HRFE VR Vehicle repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
867.98750  822.98750     RM    HRFE VR Vehicle repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.46250  823.46250     RM    HRFE VR Ops 2 Vehicle repeater for ops 2 talkgroup  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.47500  823.47500     RM    HRFE VR Ops 3 Vehicle repeater for ops 3 talkgroup  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.48750  823.48750     RM    HRFE VR Vehicle repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.96250  823.96250     RM    HRFE VR Vehicle repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.97500  823.97500     RM    HRFE VR Vehicle repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
868.98750  823.98750     RM    HRFE VR Vehicle repeater  FM  Fire-Tac 
155.40000      CIG518   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Halifax site (for stations 4 and 13 volunteers)  FM  Fire Dispatch 
150.18500      VAC780   CSQ  HRFE Paging Paging: Harrietsfield site  FM  Fire Dispatch 

All stations have a pager/toner, and volunteers carry pagers on them. Communication between dispatch and the responding apparatus is done on the Maritime Public Safety Radio Network (MPSRN)

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