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Codes / Units / Station Lists

Fire / EMS Stations

Hancock County Ambulance Covers the entire county with stations in Weirton, New Cumberland and Chester.

4 - Lawrenceville
5 - New Manchester
6 - Chester
7 - Newell
8 - Oakland District
9 - New Cumberland

Weirton Fire Department

Station 1 (Municipal Plaza/District 1)
 - Apparatus:   Engine 3, Tower 1, Squad 5, Boat 9

Station 2 (Marland Heights/Volunteer)
 - Apparatus:  Engine 21 (will be re designated Engine 8 in the near future) , Squad 7

Station 3 (Gilson Ave/District 2)
 - Apparatus:  Engine 4, Ladder 2, Squad 6

Station 4 (North End)
 - Apparatus:   Engine 2, Command, Fire Safety Trailer

Weirton PD Unit Numbers

Hancock County LTR Systems

Any scanner that can trunk an LTR system can trunk the systems below. Even without a trunking scanner, you can often listen to the agencies on that system simply by tuning in the home repeater that they operate on. However, if the system gets busy or the home repeater for that agency is in use, you may hear that agency on a different repeater.

To learn more about LTR (Logic Trunked Radio) systems please see Logic Trunked Radio

Taken from the above Wiki article, an LTR talkgroup looks like this:

 - where A   = Area (0 or 1) - on these systems the area is always 0
 - where HH  = Home Repeater (preferred repeater for that agency)
 - where GGG = Group Number (identifying individual agencies)

An Example

Talkgroup 1-01-004 on the Chester system is New Cumberland Ambulance

1   = the Area (will be the same for all talkgroups on a particular system)
01  = Home Repeater
    - LCN 01 is 454.175
004 = New Cumberland Ambulance

So, in the case of NC Ambulance, you will predominantly hear their traffic on LCN 01 (454.175) since this is their home repeater. However, if 454.175 is busy [or down], you'll hear their traffic on LCN 02 (454.05).

Using NC Ambulance as an example again, if you want to be sure to hear all of their transmissions on the system, you must program the proper LTR system in and run it in either open mode (Uniden), use a Wildcard Group ID (GRE PSRs), or program the specific talkgroup in.

You could potentially program in the LTR frequencies conventionally, but then you will hear all agencies on the system and will be unable to lock out the ones you do not want to hear.