Harrisonburg City (VA)

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Harrisonburg Police

Admin Units- Command/ Admin Staff

Patrol Units

 A Shift- 100's
 100- Patrol Sergeant
 101- Patrol Corporal
 1XX- Patrol Officers
 B Shift- 200's
 200- Patrol Sergeant
 201- Patrol Corporal
 2XX- Patrol Officers
 C Shift- 300's
 300- Patrol Sergeant
 301- Patrol Corporal
 3XX- Patrol Officers
 D Shift- 400's
 400- Patrol Sergeant
 401- Patrol Corporal
 4XX- Patrol Officers

Harrisonburg Fire Dept

 Station 1- Engine 28, Tower 1, Hazmat 29, Brush 31, Squad 29, Mobile Command Post
 Station 2- Engine 25
 Station 3- Engine 26
 Station 4- Engine 23

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