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TGID's and Talkgroups


Hartford officers, dispatchers and other city employees are assigned an ID Code often referred to as simply 'Code'. This ID code is used to identify a city employee (including but not limited to public safety) on reports, on paper, in databases etc. HPD officer's names can be paired with a code on the Hartford Police official website's arrest blotter next to Officers: at under the 'Arrest Log' tab.

These codes can be converted to I-Call ID's (TGID) for use with an EDACS trunk tracking scanner or UniTrunker for PC.

Understanding I-Calls

As an example; the HPD I-Call TGID i07910 would be converted to the Code J10 This only applies to handheld radios that are assigned to an individual. Vehicle radios are assigned to multiple people per day.

The 1st digit 'i' stands for I-Call

The 2nd and 3rd digits '07' identify a handheld or car radio. Each department and division has their assigned numbers for handheld and vehicular radios. See Below for more info on department/division radios.

The 4th digit represents the officer's duration on the job in reverse order. From a new hire (9) to 20+ years on the job (0).

The 5th and 6th digits is an assigned number that remains the same from hire through their career unless there is a special circumstance where it needs to be changed.


  • PD Handheld = 07xxx where x is the 3 digit officer's code (i07910)
  • Patrol Vehicle = 018xx where x is the 2 digit Unit # (i01834)
  • Spare Patrol Vehicle = 019xx where x is the 2 digit Spare Unit # (i01902)
  • PD Supervisor & Other Vehicles = 14xxx & 15xxx where x is the 3 digit Supervisor Unit Number (i14220)
  • Dispatcher = 008xx where x is the 2 digit dispatch unit # (i00801)

Mobile Unit ID's


Name     TGID
-----   ------

Car 1	i01801	
Car 4	i01804		
Car 5	i01805	
Car 8	i01808	
Car 9	i01809		
Car 10	i01810		
Car 11	i01811		
Car 12	i01812		
Car 13	i01813		
Car 15	i01815		
Car 16	i01816		
Car 17	i01817		
Car 18	i01818		
Car 19	i01819		
Car 20	i01820		
Car 22	i01822		
Car 24	i01824		
Car 25	i01825		
Car 26	i01826		
Car 27	i01827		
Car 61	i01861		
Car 67	i01867			
Car 110	i14110		
Car 130	i14130	
Car 201	i14201		
Car 202	i14202		
Car 210	i14210		
Car 278	i14278		
Car 378	i14378		
Car 410	i14410		
Car 455	i14455		
Car 478	i14478
Car 403 i15403	
Car 221	i14221	
Car 332	i14332
Car 333	i14333		
Car 672	i14672	
Car 678	i14678	
Car 310	i14310
Car 155	i14155	
Car 141	i14141	

Spare 10 i01910		
Spare 13 i01913		
Spare 15 i01915		
Spare  8 i01908	

Dispatch 801	i00801
Dispatch 813	i00813	
Dispatch 814	i00814
Dispatch 821	i00821
Dispatch 822	i00822

See [1] for HFD radio ID's

I-Call ID's


TGID    Code
-----   ----
i07032  A32 
i07010  A10 
i07081  A81 
i07068  A68 
i07013  A13 
i07194  B94 
i07159  B59 
i07134  B34 
i07141  B41 
i07117  B17 
i07180  B80 
i07160  B60 
i07118  B18 
i07182  B82 
i07192  B92 
i07127  B27 
i07157  B57 
i07191  B91 
i07321  D21 
i07351  D51 
i07352  D52 
i07357  D57 
i07382  D82 
i07352  D52 
i07330  D30
i07390  D90 
i07394  D94 
i07344  D44 
i07349  D49 
i07399  D99 
i07390  D90 
i07437  E37 
i07428  E28 
i07408  E08 
i07413  E13 
i07409  E09 
i07476  E76 
i07474  E74 
i07437  E37 
i07420  E20 
i07439  E39 
i07495  E95 
i07472  E72 
i07473  E73 
i07477  E77
i07457  E57 
i07476  E76 
i07415  E15 
i07495  E95 
i07488  E88 
i07470  E70 
i07435  E35 
i07408  E08 
i07453  E53 
i07422  E22 
i07463  E63
i07609  G09 
i07640  G40 
i07682  G82 
i07688  G88 
i07638  G38 
i07639  G39 
i07688  G88
i07692  G92
i07624  G24 
i07699  G99 
i07650  G50 
i07684  G84 
i07631  G31 
i07626  G26 
i07622  G22 
i07612  G12 
i07643  G43 
i07651  G51
i07633  G33 
i07654  G54 
i07738  H38 
i07770  H70 
i07725  H25 
i07719  H19 
i07737  H37
i07797  H97 
i07797  H05 
i07777  H77
i07790  H90 
i07710  H10
i07706  H06 
i07749  H49 
i07760  H60 
i07759  H59 
i07768  H68 
i07701  H01 
i07789  H89 
i07734  H34 
i07739  H39 
i07724  H24
i07766  H66 
i07758  H58 
i07759  H59 
i07741  H41 
i07707  H07 
i07789  H89 
i07756  H56
i07752  H52 
i07793  H93 
i07762  H62
i07865  I65 
i07890  I90 
i07839  I39 
i07898  I98 
i07818  I18 
i07863  I63 
i07895  I95 
i07811  I11 
i07867  I67
i07829  I29 
i07857  I57 
i07899  I99 
i07835  I35 
i07882  I82 
i07845  I45 
i07803  I03 
i07829  I29 
i07839  I39 
i07836  I36 
i07853  I53 
i07873  I73
i07889  I89 
i07849  I49 
i07823  I23
i07846  I46 
i07896  I96 
i07802  I02 
i07809  I09 
i07822  I22 
i07846  I46 
i07881  I81
i07820  I20 
i07856  I56 
i07890  I90 
i07838  I38
i07860  I60 
i07870  I70 
i07873  I73 
i07844  I44 
i07841  I41 
i07883  I83
i07829  I29 
i07895  I95
i07891  I91 
i07907  J07 
i07973  J73 
i07929  J29 
i07951  J51 
i07932  J32
i07960  J60 
i07905  J05 
i07907  J07 
i07943  J43 
i07937  J37 
i07971  J71
i07918  J18
i07919  J19
i07964  J64 
i07965  J65 
i07938  J38 
i07927  J27 
i07910  J10 
i07970  J70 
i07909  J09 
i07906  J06 
i07931  J31 
i07926  J26 
i07901  J01 
i07902  J02 
i07933  J33 
i07941  J41 
i07934  J34 
i07956  J56 
i07903  J03 
i07972  J72 
i07925  J25 
i07920  J20 
i07967  J67 
i07960  J60
i07932  J32
i07963  J63 
i07932  J62
i07922  J22 
i07954  J54 
i07971  J71 
i07964  J64 
i07926  J26 
i07901  J01 
i07968  J68
i07920  J20 
i07933  J33 
i07942  J42 
i07912  J12 
i07907  J07

Talkgroup IDs

Name              TGID      Description
--------------   ------     -------------------------
AMR              02-042     AMR
ATTF             06-052     Auto Theft Taskforce
Vice             06-115     Vice Detectives
STF 1            07-066     Shooting Taskforce 1
STF 2            06-037     Shooting Taslkforce 2
Tac 2            06-032     Tactical 2
Tact 1           06-027     Tactical 1
All Call         06-020     Announcement
All Talk         05-154 
Hotline          06-090     Area Wide Interop
Narco 1          06-061     Narcotics Detectives 1
Narco 2          06-114     Narcotics Detectives 2
Narco 3          02-144     Narcotics Detectives 3
Traffic          06-025     Traffic Division
ERT (SWAT)       06-081     Emergency Response Team
NarcTaskForc     06-111     Narcotics Taskforce
NarcSurveil1     07-041     Narcotics Surveillance 1
NarcSurveil2     06-033     Narcotics Surveillance 2
NarcSurveil3     07-041     Narcotics Surveillance 3
NarcSurveil4     07-004     Narcotics Surveillance 4
T-Force Surveil  06-117     T-Force Surveillance
Surveillance 1   06-071     Surveillance 1
Surveillance 2   07-072     Surveillance 2
Supervisors      06-030 0   Supervisor/Sergeant/Lieutenant 
Info 1 Patrol 3  06-023     NCIC/Prawn/Licence/Registration/Insurance checks  - Vehicle Towing
Info 2           06-024     NCIC/Prawn checks
Juvenile Unit    06-045     Juvenile Detective Division
NE Conditions    06-116     North East Conditions Units
NW Conditions    06-125     North West Conditions Units
Parking Control  06-063     Parking Enforcement 
Patrol 1 North   06-021     North District Patrol Dispatch
Patrol 2 South   06-022     South District Patrol Dispatch
Police Academy   06-123     Training
Police-Wreckers  06-091     Towing/Wreckers
SE Conditions    06-124     South East Conditions Units
SW Conditions    06-126     South West Conditions Units
Capitol Dispatch 07-021     Capitol PD Dispatch
Car to Car North 06-026     Car to Car North Comms
Car to Car South 06-034     Car to Car South Comms
Central Dispatch 06-121     Sign Online/Offline - General Info
ATF Taskforce    06-092     ATF Taskforce
HPD/DEA Taskfrce 07-063     HPD/DEA Taskforce
HPD/FBI Taskfrce 07-061     HPD/FBI Taskforce
Warrant Taskfrce 07-071     Warrant Taskforce
DOC Warrants     07-064     Dept. Of Corrections Warrant Taskforce
InvestigativeTac 06-043     Investigative Tactical 
Major Crimes     06-041     Major Crimes Det. Squad
ResourceOfficers 12-025     School/Resource Officers
UnnamedGroup1    06-014     Unnamed
UnnamedGroup2    07-060     Unnamed
Special Events 1 06-083     Concerts / Traffic Enforcement Campaigns / Roadwork
Special Events 2 02-143     Concerts / Traffic Enforcement Campaigns / Roadwork
Surveil Unused 1 06-113 
Surveil Unused 2 06-077 
Surveil Unused 3 01-062 
Surveil Unused 4 06-085 
Surveil Unused 5 06-105 
Radio Tech 1     02-141
Radio Tech 2     02-142

Hartford Police Codes

10-0  Officer In Trouble                  10-50 Missing Person
10-1  Use Caution                         10-51 Tenant/Landlord Dispute
10-2  Proceed To HQ                       10-52 Juvenile Complaint
10-3  What Is Your Location               10-53 Fire
10-4  Acknowledge                         10-54 Labor Dispute/Stike Detail
10-5  Remain Silent                       10-55 Assist Motorist
10-6  Telephone Call                      10-56 Lost And Found Property
10-7  Repeat Message                      10-57 Escort
10-8  Chase In Progress                   10-58 Notification
10-9  Notary Service                      10-59 Directed Patrol
10-10 Request Ambulance                   10-60 Bomb Threat Or Report
10-11 Wrecker Requested                   10-61 Fire Bombing
10-12 Wagon Requested                     10-62 Larceny
10-13 Case No. Requested                  10-63 Suspicious Person
10-14 ...                                 10-64 Suspicious Vehicle
10-15 Service                             10-65 Silent B&E Alarm
10-16 Meals                               10-66 Audible B&E Alarm
10-17 Personal Relief                     10-67 B&E
10-18 Personal Use                        10-68 Stolen Vehicle
10-19 Chauffeur Detail                    10-69 Property Damage
10-20 Head Quarters Detail                10-70 Assault/Fight
10-21 Transport Beat Men                  10-71 Breach Of Peace
10-22 Employee Transportation             10-72 Party Refuse Of Leave
10-23 Assist On Civic Process             10-73 Noise Complaint
10-24 Warrant Service Attempt             10-74 Loitering
10-25 Referrals                           10-75 Trespassing
10-26 Subpoena                            10-76 Group Disturbance
10-27 Community Service                   10-77 Vice Offense
10-28 Court Detail                        10-78 Kidnap/Unlawful Restraint
10-29 Supervisor Detail                   10-79 Threatening
10-30 Motor Vehicle Accident              10-80 Hold Up Alarm
10-31 MVA With Injuries                   10-81 Escaped Person
10-32 Non-MVA Accident                    10-82 Serious Assault
10-33 Standing Violation                  10-83 Gun
10-34 Moving Violation                    10-84 Other Weapon
10-35 Evading Responsibilty               10-85 Purse Snatching
10-36 Drunk Driving                       10-86 Mugging
10-37 Open Hydrant                        10-87 Robbery
10-38 School Traffic                      10-88 Rape
10-39 Traffic Control Other               10-89 Homicide
10-40 Animal Complaint                    10-90 Unclassified Incident
10-41 Sick Person                         10-91 Escort Prisoner
10-42 Sick Person EMS (10-10)             10-92 Security Detail    
10-43 Attempted Suicide                   10-93 Food Run     
10-44 Mental Case                         10-94 City Hall Run      
10-45 Sudden Death                        10-95 Equipment Change     
10-46 Intoxicated Person                  10-96 Follow Up       
10-47 Domestic                            10-97 Union Business      
10-48 Hazardous Conditions                10-98 Detail      
10-49 Heat Complaint                      10-99 Assisting Unit

Clearance Codes

Alpha         Arrest Made
Charlie       Civil Matter
Delta         No Police Action
Echo          False Call
Foxtrot       False Security Alarm
Golf          Group Dispersed
Ida           Report Follows
Lima          Left Scene
Mike          Vehicle Arrest
November      No Such Address
Ocean         No Report
Papa          Parking Citation Issued
Romea         Referred to Other Agency
Sierra        Settled
Tango         Traffic Arrest
Uniform       Unable to Locate
Whiskey       Warning
Xray          Call Canceled
Zulu          Vehicle Serviced

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